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I have seen him regularly for years.   He knows me and trusts me.   I have brought him treats and scratched him
behind the ears on occasions too numerous to count but today was
different.   How could I have known? What
should I have seen? It seemed like an ...

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Did I See Spring?!
70 degrees in February has the birds singing, the frogs croaking, and me gazing out the window. I know it's too good to be true.  I know that it won't last but it's the hope it brings that gets my heart pumping! I immediately know that I am behind once agai...

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Hello World
Hello Blog! Oh, how I have missed you! I think of you often but, ashamedly, never sit down to write. You are often in my thoughts and I long to tell you what is going on in my life but I find that if I do get time, I am too tired or too distracted or too .....

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Zaycon 10% off
Today only Zaycon is offering 10% off all of their foods.  If you have been wanting to try them, now is the time! Click here to order.

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The Summer Garden
When the warmth of Spring begins, I long for time in the garden.  I plot and plan. I scour the seed catalogs that have filled my mailbox for weeks.  I dream of what I will can and dehydrate as my lush Summer Garden provides all of the food we will need for ...

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Emergency Food for your Family
I am excited to have placed my first order with My Patriot Supply . I'm not much on the Zombie Apocalypse theory but....      I do believe in being prepared for emergencies! If the BIG ONE ever hits the New Madrid  fault line, I want to have some emergency ...

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Renuzit Pearl Scents
Step in.  The aroma is the first thing to touch your senses.  Subconsciously it takes you to other places, it relaxes your body and mind.  It is amazing what just a scent can do. With names like Serenity, Tranquil, and Sparkling Rain, Renuzit understands th...

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The Call ~from a Mom's Perspective
“Hey, I need you” were the words that made my heart
race.  I knew something was wrong when I
heard the phone ring.  Call it a Mother’s
instinct or whatever, but I knew. Josh and his best friend, Josh R., had left for work about
15 minutes earlier.  It was r...
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