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Windows Update 80070000E Error
If you're getting a 80070000E issue when trying to update a Windows 7 follow the steps below to solve the issue. Download and install IE11 ( ) Restart your computer. Do...

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BES Express 5 Web Page Issues because of KB3061518 Windows Update
Windows 10 is coming and Microsoft is pushing out its updates to prepare our computers for this fresh operating system from Microsoft. But do they really need to be that aggressive so that our existing services stops working? Frustrating monday! We have a B...

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iSCSI Storage Performance & Benchmarking with IOMeter
This is a storage performance report that I have done on 3
different storage types. I was curious to see the performance difference
between different types of iSCSI storage units. I wanted to share the results
with others because when I wanted to compare my...

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WDS, PXE Boot, DHCP and VLANs… How to manage?
I’m a big fan of easy deployment, scripting, automating etc…
Therefore I love deployment tools. I am constantly using tools like Microsoft
System Center, WDS, MDT, etc… Thanks to these kinds of tools, I can be alone
and have the workforce of an IT army J BU...

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Windows Server 2012 R2 Boot.wim doesn't load during Boot
I am not sure if this happens under all circumstances but I wasn't able to use the boot.wim file from a Server 2012 R2 setup media. In my WDS server, I added a boot.wim file from the Server 2012 R2 setup ISO as a new Boot Image. I used a vm to boot into the...

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WDS Import-WDSInstallImage Issue
I am studying for an upcoming Microsoft exam #70-411 and I was practicing the new WDS (Windows Deployment Services) features in the Windows Server 2012 R2 and I ran into a little problem. Now, as Microsoft is pushing the new PowerShell, I thought, I would o...

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VMWare Workstation "Not Enough Physical Memory..." Issue after Windows Updates on Windows 8.1
Yep... Another update and another bug. I just applied this months updates on my computer at home and guess what? It caused almost a "fatal" error on my VMWare Workstation virtual machines! As soon as my computer boots, I tried to fire one of my vms and I go...

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Windows 8 Sysprep Issues - Fatal Error
Altough it's been a while that Windows 8 is out on the market, I never had to play around with the Windows 8 images and syspreps as I had to with Windows 7. I decided to prepare me a nice updated image of Windows 8 in a vm and sysprep it and use it as templ...

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Recently, I was working on a vSphere 4.1 upgrade to vSphere
5.5 and of course, first thing first; I had to update all the physical servers
to the latest versions of BIOS, firmware, drivers… At a first glance, this seems an easy procedure. I’m
thinking to us...

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Dell Venue 8 Pro & Wifi Connection Issues
I am an owner of the Dell Venue 8 Pro since it has been out and to be honest, for a device that I only paid $299, I am extremely happy about it. It's not a powerful device where I can use it as a replacement of my laptop or my desktop... Not even close! But...
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