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Scott Henry
Senior VP of Electronic Music
Senior VP of Electronic Music

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This just adds to my reluctance to invest time in Google+. What exactly does " Don't Be Evil" mean?

Super happy to report that the DJ part of Scott Henry will be back this Fall after overcoming a challenging 2 year health scare. I am anxious, prepared and ready to make you rock the disco-tech with me. First up, Buzzboat on the Ledo deck as well as s sunset Bit O Honey set on the beach in the Bahamas. Next up in DC at a big event in Nov. 

Many argue this was one of the most effective ad campaigns of all times even though it only aired once.

1984 Apple's Macintosh Commercial

Aging, scared newspapermen throw themselves at the latest mobile technology trend in a humiliatingly futile attempt to remain relevant -funny quote from the Onion last year about Fourscore which holds true today regarding media coverage on G+. 

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Yeah...I posted this on the other socail networking site earlier and now it's been in my head all day why not....
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