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Awesome post Ana... gave me a good chuckle :)

As I was saying to an EN member the other day I find it hard to beleive it'll last the distance. It's good to see some people getting value from the training but it seems that quite a few people feel tricked into the multiple upsells. If people wouldn't buy the products outside of the income opportunity then it's not a business.

You also missed a puzzling point on the income chart. How can you be in the $30,000+ Income Level when the Average Amount for that level is only $22,271 and the Low is $4,372? Is it just me or should making $30,000+ mean your income is higher than $30,000...?

Great to have an article to share with others looking at EN... thanks heaps :)

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A great explanation of Author Rank and how Google+ is changing the SEO world plus links to other great resources so you can fully get your head around it.

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Thanks +Ana Hoffman ... a great breakdown as always. It seems Google Plus is a good place to focus my efforts along with Facebook. Twitter was always not my thing anyway... I'm far too long winded! :)
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