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Andrea “The Great” Huwald
Cat Videos, Offensive Opinions, Weaponized Spelling, and Ponies
Cat Videos, Offensive Opinions, Weaponized Spelling, and Ponies

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i can't afford documentation to prove that Huwald is not just A real name but MY real name. therefore they're going to suspend my account. what kind of monkeyshines is this?

i'm in tears right now because this is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. the Google+ team is incapable of using Google to find that Huwald is a real name.

get it together, G+.

okay, i can't keep up with everyone's posts, which will make it so that i wander away again because i get overwhelmed. so i'm sorry to say i have to prune down my circles.

please do not take it personally if you end up getting cut. you are still someone i care about and you can always message me or email me....  but to be frank, the people who are going to end up getting cut are going to be the people i'm not close to and/or the people who don't actually seem that interested me.

if you get cut and you feel i've made a bad choice, feel free to comment here and we can talk about it.

otherwise, thanks for being part of my circles this past couple of years. it's been a lot of fun. :)

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Shoot, here's my post from earlier for those that couldn't see it:

Things to do today:

* be tired
* worry about general anesthesia
* worry that my dad might not show up on time to pick up Elijah
* remove body piercings
* be hungry/thirsty
* feel groggy and wretched and stupid
* tea and shrinky dinks with Betsy
* sleep

Help me get a new hashtag into circulation, guys. I want to see #FirstNerdProblems all over the place.

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have I posted this lately

because I LOVE IT

NGL skinny girls are equally as good as fat girls... but fat girls are way underrepresented in song. This song helps make a dent.

MIKA - Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

Dear SNL,

Some of us DON'T FUCKING WATCH TV and would be happy to give you some GODDAMN AD REVENUE if you'd post your RIDICULOUS McSTUPID SKITS on youtube.

Your friend


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