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Printed 5 photos from my +HTC One as 8 X 12's and I am blown away by the quality.  The guy at the lab had a hard time believing that they came from  my smart phone.  Going bigger next round!   #HTCOne  
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Ah mate you have me sold, my Mobile contract ends in 2 month's so I think you no what my upgrades gonna be.. Thankyou for reply Eric. My very best wishess Davey....
+Eric Krebs
, so you say the HTC One is worth the price.
 I was afraid because of some reviews before the phone was updated. But now that I've seen your review, I'm feeling convinced even if it lacks a µSD slot. 
By the way, good job and sorry for my English...
+David Buchanan Sorry just seeing your note here from the 6th.  Glad my input was helpful! My "Wow" factor of new devices usually wears off pretty quickly. But I can honestly say that I am still finding something new everyday about this phone that blows me away.  It is so fast, it's ridiculous!
+John Caffey Thanks for the note!  I am the last person in the world that will invest in a new device simply because it is the newest and "best" out there.  But I can honestly say that the HTC One is worth the investment.  The camera is amazing, and that is the topic about this phone that I have been involved with the most.  But the camera is only one of several enhanced features that the One brings to the table.  The speed --> the screen-> the fact that the speakers are front facing --> BlinkFeed -->Power Saver -->1080p front facing camera --> Beats audio --> the fact that I have no idea where my actual TV remote is and it doesn't matter because with a few clicks I had full control of my TV, DVR, and Google TV from my phone!.... --> this list could go on and on.  

I feel you on the storage and lack of µSD.  I am a photographer and I NEED space.  The largest space I have had on any of my phones is 8GB and I was pretty regularly plugging in and transferring off my photos and video.  But I now have two 32GB HTC Ones and have not come close to running out of space on either (One device is going to my wife this week, but I had to play with it first :-).  But if space is a big issue, I would say go for the 64GB unit and you should be happy!

Your English is solid by the way, no need to apologize!
Ok, ok ! Please, no more, I'm convinced ! Think I'm gonna argue with my bank in a few... :D

ps: did you make the update ?
This is what I was concern about, printing pictures that look good. I'm into taking pictures of anything and everything in life. I'm getting this phone next week. I too wished that it had a microSD card slot. Oh well, I can live without that, as long as the pictures look great. 
Great shots +Eric Krebs I was wondering also about shots I took with my #HTCOne  of my sons prom. They looked great on the phones beautiful screen, but I was leery of how they would turn out when enlarged for printing. They turned out beautifully. I have printed them and have them framed on the wall now. .... and I have yet to get the update that is supposed to enhance the camera, so that will be interesting too! Thanks for posting your shots!
Eric, found this page via another blog. Fantastic shots!!! I just picked up an HTC One this last weekend, and have had ZERO luck and reproducing any photos worth bragging about. I feel like anything I shoot is overexposed (when really they shouldn't be), and adjusting exposure / contrast gains little. I'm assuming you are constantly tweaking the onboard settings for each shoot? I'm undoubtedly a rookie, and may not be capable of "dialing in" what's needed for the best photos.
I agree with Chris, I bought the phone and the camera is not that great. When I take a picture, especially indoors, they look blurry noisy. I have been told that's because of the low megapixels. Other than the camera the phone  is a beast, I'm loving it. 
Did you do update your phone ?
Yup, my phone is up to date, is running software version 1.29.651.10 U.S. Sprint carrier. 
No updates out of box for me - 1.26.502.10 US AT&T.
There's an update available since april that provides more effiiciency to the camera.
Have we discovered a means to side-loading that update? I would expect AT&T would push this down...
+Michael Huber I have not had that issue, even on old software. My pics turn out really crisp, and I can even enlarge them on the computer with out blurring 
I'll shoot a photo tomorrow and share with the thread here so you guys can see examples.
+Chris Vazquez Hey Chris! Thanks for the note.  So in the coin shot and the peacock feather shot I definitely adjusted the manual settings to accomplish the shots I was looking for.  The candid shot of my kids were pretty straight forward except for the fact that I always set my ISO to 100 whenever I am shooting outside.  Even when I am shooting with my DSLR cameras I try and shoot at the lowest ISO possible for the best clarity and least noise possible.  Another in-camera step I always take is making sure  that I am focusing on a neutral tone in the photo to balance my exposures in highlights and shadows.  If I am taking a picture of someone wearing sunglasses with a bright sky background and I tap on the black in their sunglasses to focus, then the camera MIGHT meter the black of the glasses and think the picture is dark --> resulting in a longer shutter speed then is actually needed to properly expose the image --> resulting in an overexposed image.  

That might not help your situation at all, but one thing that comes to mind.  If its an update issue or a technical flaw... then I personally would holler at AT&T or even HTC directly.  I know different carriers get updates at different times.  I have two HTC Ones now and have not had any issues with either so far.  Also, if you wanted to share some of the images and the meta data, I would love to take a look and see what's going on!
+Heather Warner Hey Heather!  That is awesome to hear!  It pretty sweet to know that you can get quality prints if all you have on you is your phone!
+Huber Zabaleta Hey Huber!  The phone is a beast I totally agree.  When you are snapping your pics indoors, what ISO are you shooting at?  HTC's idea behind the Ultrapixel (basically the brand name for their larger then normal megapixel) is better low-light shooting.  Here is an example I posted on Instagram of the difference between low light shooting with my last 3 HTC phones --> .  I am blown away by the quality of the low light shooting.  Unlike when I shoot outside at ISO 100, I am shooting Auto ISO indoors or using the Night capture mode.  You may have already tried those but just an idea!  BTW my T-Mobile HTC One is running 1.27.531.7 and my unlocked HTC One is running 1.29.401.12 
Eric Krebs, hey, I read your previous comments on how to mess with the settings, to set the ISO 100 and I did that, the the pictures turned out to look way better. I had all the settings on auto since I don't know much about photography. Lol Anyways thanks for response, I learned something new, to mess with the settings. 
+Eric Krebs, good call out on where the meter is grabbing a light sample. I'll think of that going forward. 

As promised here's a public album I setup with four sample shots. Obvioulsy being the rookie and leaving things in auto, none of the shots are acceptable. Whereas the single macro I took looks fantastic.

I'll try to shoot a few more and add to this album at the ISO 100 to see if it makes any difference.

Thoughts from the group?
If a 4 meg ultra pixel camera can take pictures this good then imagine what HTC could achieve if their next flagship phone had an 8 meg ultra pixel. They have set a new standard that should have other phone manufacturers worried. Sometimes less is more. 
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