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Continental Refining Company Announces Plant Expansion for Value-Added Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Offering and New Ultra Low Sulfur On Road Diesel (ULSD) Reactor

Somerset, KY Oil Refinery to Convert Crude Oil Byproducts into Butane and Propane, Reducing Emissions While Earning Higher Margins

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"Continental Refining Company (CRC), formerly Somerset Refinery, now has 40 employees and is still hiring. Some 1,500 barrels of crude oil are being refined each day, Missy Shorey, spokesperson for the Somerset-based refining company, said Tuesday. Refining capacity is 5,500 barrels a day and Shorey said CRC will move toward full production as “bottlenecks” are moved out of the way." 

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We are attending The OPIS RFS2, RINs and Biodiesel Forum in Chicago next month. "The regulations are more complicated (and misunderstood) than ever -- leaving the industry vulnerable to extremely costly fraud and mistakes." Hope to see some of you there!

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“A lot of good things are going on,” Andrew McNeill, executive director of the Kentucky Oil and Gas Association, said recently.

“We’re getting momentum behind us,” he said.

“Oil prices are attractive enough to encourage activity,” McNeill said. “Last year, we extracted 3 million barrels of oil, which was a 40 percent increase from the previous year.”

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The CME Group has a great online presentation about Crude Oil, Refineries and Refinery Processes. Visit our website to learn more about us and to start a relationship. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Current job openings: 

Petroleum Process Engineer:
Duties include support of refinery process units and the 24/7 team to optimize and improve unit operations. Support operations to identify: optimization opportunities, acute risks to the operating plan, options for constraint removal, process safety risks, and weak signals that will impact future operation. Provides technical support to the complex in the form of troubleshooting, data analysis, KPI tracking, and incident investigation in the spirit of continuous improvement. Documents all environmental releases accurately and in a timely matter. Participates in unit start-up and shut-down by providing process expertise and engineering judgment. Qualifications required are a BS in Chemical Engineering and 2-5 years of experience in design or process engineering preferably in a refining environment.

Certified Safety Professional:
Duties include conducting workplace inspections to prevent injuries/illnesses and to meet compliance standards. Duties also include conducting safety audits, safety training, and reviewing safety programs for compliance. Qualifications required are 5-10 years of experience in Occupational Health & Safety or a degree from an accredited 4-year college or university with a Certification in Safety. 

Lab Technician:
Duties include performing a variety of laboratory tests and sampling, using safe work practices and proper PPE. Duties also include analyses of control samples and other quality control activities. May be required to perform storeroom and hazardous sample shipping activities. Qualifications required are 1-3 years of experience in a quality control laboratory or 2 years of college in the field of chemistry or sciences, and a high school diploma or GED. A degree in Chemistry preferred. 

Please submit resumes to:, fax to 606-679-6310, or mail/bring to our physical location at: 300 Refinery Road, Somerset, KY 42501. 


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Continental Refining Company Announces Somerset, KY Refinery is Fully Operational; First Crude Oil to be Processed at Site in Three Years, 
Only Refinery within 170-mile Mountainous Region 

(Somerset, KY) – Continental Refining Company, U.S. Refinery #5113, announces the completion of the turn-around and successful startup of its Somerset, KY crude oil motor fuels refinery.  Following a thorough overhaul in 2012, the 80-year-old plant is now fully operational, processing crude oil and producing high quality finished fuel products. It is one of only 150 refineries in the United States. Ample supply for crude oil refining is through contracts with Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals LP and Regal Fuels. 

The detailed turn-around plan was developed by the management team and carried out by highly skilled and experienced regionally based contractors familiar with such undertakings. In addition to bringing in expert management that was connected to the region, key plant updates included, a completely new flare system and various other improvements to ensure the safe and consistent production of high value products. The replacement value of the facility is in excess of $70 million with $10 million slated for increased throughput and conversion projects for the next two years and up to $60 million over the next five years. 

Demetrios Haseotes, CEO and President of Continental Refining Company states, “The credit for this turn-around goes 100% to the employees, suppliers and supporters of Continental Refining Company.  We will deliver refining excellence for years to come.”

Consistent with the business plan, the plant is projected to be running at full capacity of 5,500 bpd in six months.  Priorities for the next six months include increasing efficiency and conversion by reducing bottlenecks, expanding crude oil supply from regional producers and hiring more employees to support expanding capacity. In preparation for regulatory compliance, CRC is designing and installing a benzene stripping operation by 2015 while also evaluating an additional hydrotreater and Hydrocracker. The company is taking an aggressive approach towards upgrading the facility to run heavier feedstocks and achieve a 90% high value finished product conversion which will be achieved by further processing of entire barrel. The company intends to leverage its primary refining assets to find a partner for additional NGL processing.  

Haseotes summarizes, “Today’s announcement marks an important new starting point for this Midwest asset and signals the national potential for reinvigorating our energy assets, boosting domestic energy independence and most importantly, creating American jobs. Through the remarkable melding of men, mind and machine Continental Refining Company is ready to meet its future.”

About Continental Refining Company: 
Continental Refining Company, U.S. Refinery #5113, is a wholly owned crude oil refinery located on 93 acres in Somerset, KY along with 15 modern tanker trailers for regional transportation. Purchased in December 2011, the company supports local crude oil producers with a dramatic decrease in transportation costs along with favorable crude rates and rapid payment cycles.  The refinery added
34 jobs in Somerset, KY with an estimated 200 indirect jobs to be created in the region. There will be $60 million in upgrades over the next five years. 

For additional background information please visit 

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Ramping up operations!
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"We're in the final stages of the checklist. We're reviewing all equipment and safety procedures. We are being very thorough...We're in the final steps of the review...(Restart) of the refinery should be soon."
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