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Check out this article by +Alexa Clay. I had the pleasure of playing The Climb with her and +Colin Fahrion!

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Sean Nittner, Gaming Hero

Do you know +Sean Nittner? You should! Seriously. Circle him, follow him, figure out what's up to and make sure you're a part of it. Dude is legit.

I just spent the last week in Oakland attending Big Bad Con, Sean's West Coast indie gaming extravaganza. I was struck by a few things, which I'm not going to share with you because you NEED to know them:

1) BBC has a serious commitment to diversity, inclusion, and PROGRESS. So many times at the convention, I saw great things happening because Sean and his team made room for diverse GMs, diverse guests, and diverse ideas. BBC is a place where difference and innovation have room to grow. It feels like a breath of fresh air to be at a convention where you know that the core teams are learning and working together to make the whole con a better place, and BBC has that in spades.

2) Sean builds teams and structures that work. (I'm sure he's laughing right now as he reads this because he's also putting out a million fires every day BBC runs...) Sean makes BBC happen, but he doesn't do it alone. He's got everyone, from the GMs and the players to the room hosts to the conflict mediators giving their time and energy with their whole hearts. He's that unique kind of leader who gets out of the way without ever giving up on his people. As an organizer, manager, and leader of teams and events, I'm straight up jealous of his ability to balance stepping in to make things work with getting caught up in every last little thing. Amazing!

3) Finally, Sean is... a truly good human being. I think there are lots of these in the world, but it's rare to meet one and know it! Sean cares, so so much, about the people who come to his convention. It's not a business for him, it's not a movement (although both those things would be legit!), it's an event that gives him the opportunity to create something awesome from nothing for other people. It requires him to be tough and kind, fair and aggressive, hard and imaginative... all at once. It strains his resources (as it would strain any of us) and the love he puts into it is the only way it would ever possibly work.

So... yeah. You should get to know Sean. In our designer-obsessed community where we put the people who write games on pedestals (and hey we can be great ya know we're not all bad...) +Sean Nittner is the kind of person that actually makes our community awesome. He's a podcaster, designer, project manager, player, and more... but he's a leader, first and foremost, and our community needs more folks like him.

Has anyone been watching Salem can we talk about the Mercy story arc because whaaaaat.
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