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Lord Manley
Tall, blond and stunningly attractive.
Tall, blond and stunningly attractive.

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So, I have a choice between being logged in here or on my email?

Cheerio Google +, email comes before this. Silly Google.

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I only have two circles, "Would" and "Wouldn't".... if you can read this, congratulations, you saucy little minx.

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Which one of you is responsible for this?

So, I can use the web interface for Google + on my 'phone, but the Android app is telling me that I need an invite?

Sort out your support for your Google Apps users lads, we are, after all, the people who have bought in the most. Why shit on us now?

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I appear to have rented this: This scares me a little.

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Someone needs to go to prison for this - this is not Nixon, this is way beyond that.
Good God, News Corp. hacked the Prime Minister. This now moves beyond Watergate.

Why does Google + think I would want to add Mark Zuckerberg to a circle? I have only met him once and I really have very little in common with him, other than that I like to kill my own food too.

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Oh, it seems that Google apps is going to kick me off here on the 13th. Nice.

Given that this is on my Google domains account, why can I not import my contacts from that same account? Bah!
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