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Yes I program. Deal with it.
Yes I program. Deal with it.

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And then there's +Keaton Olson .  Luv you bro.

So yeah.  My parents got in a car crash in Provo today.

A lady driving about 40-50 didn't see a red light,  smashed our Highlander, and spun the car 180 degrees.  Now it's un-drivable.

It is 100%, totally miraculous that my mom and dad weren't hurt.  They came out totally unscathed, not even any injuries.

I will never again doubt the Lord's hand in our lives.  The policeman said that they were the luckiest people they'd ever seen in a car crash of that magnitude.

<3 you mom and dad!


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Broke my arm.  That's always fun.

Psych Season 7 is now on Netflix.  I know because I stayed home today and watched like 4 of them because of a fever.

Everyone celebrate.

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Oh gawsh.
Yusssss like no...-_-

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Inspiration.  This song is absolutely, stunningly, IMPOSSIBLY good.  Plus, it's not dubstep for all you haters out there.  :)
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