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Truth revealed!! This reveals how the medical and pharmaceutical industry conspire to maintain a failing business model!!!  WATCH IT!!
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After years of going through life battling my weight, allergies that started in my mid-twenties which led to bronchitis and walking pnemonia, being weight-loss resistant, tired, symptoms of IBS, and no menstrual cycle, I was introduced to Dr. Matthew at the Charlotte Health Center. He literally saved my life. He shared the true definition of true health that I had never completely understood how to gauge. I thought that since I was active, ate healthy (or so I thought), and wasn't sick that often, I was healthy! HA! Joke was on me, for sure! Since being under his care, I've lost over 60lbs., medication-free, no more allergies, no digestive issues, a normal cycle, and more energetic than ever before! I can't stop and won't stop sharing the truth about Maximized Living and how it's literally the BEST healthCARE - not disease management - system on the planet. My life has been saved thanks to someone opening their mouth and sharing the truth with me. Now, I gladly and boldly do the same for others. This is a genuine place of ULTIMATE healing!
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