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Is there a zzmoove governor in the kernel? If yes, is an app like trickster can be used?

Anyone have suggestions for a good holo voice recorder? 

In the weekly 1.8, there is this in the changelog : "SystemUI: Add double tap to sleep gesture"
Anyone can tell me more about this. How to use this feature? Thanks 

Quick question : does the SlimPie is in the 4.4 betas or still in development? 

Hello +Christian Göllner
First thanks for your app, it's an awesome work!!!
I have a feature to suggest : what do you think of GPU monitoring functions? 

Hello to the dev team.
I think I find a bug. I have a tablet (samsung galaxy tab) and a phone (note 2). I started to play with my phone and signed in with g+ and I installed the game on the tablet. I signed in on the tablet and my character was sync. After that I signed out on my tablet. The result was that I lost my rank on my phone. So I signed in on my tablet to see and my rank was lost too.
I can reproduce this : each time I sign out on my tablet, I lose my rank.
Can you check that?
An another thing : thank for this awesome game. 

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Join me in Hero Forge, a G+ multiplayer game for Android
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