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how do you think religion would travel threw the strange.... with religious quickened individuals doing missionary work all over earths.recursions.... maybe even looking for paradise 

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In my campaign I wanted my adventures to wonder the strange as appose to translate to and from earth. (edit: they did in fact travel from earth to a recursion then to the strange). For this I have created a baby Planetovore... the group calls Naughty. Its a mixture of Lexx from Lexx and Moya from Farscape. 

How one is made

A quickened being from any recursion or world is fused to Central nervous system of the creature. This instantly destroys all the memories that being had. After the fusing is complete the being who my party calls Cid is now in control of all voluntary functions of the #planetovore . This merger creates three minds, the Id (the planetovour) the ego (the fused mind state) and the super ego (the being fused). 

The Planetovore still needs to eat recursions or planets to survive, The biological material it eat allows it to expand and create new rooms inside the creature for the PCs. Also the mental pathways of the creatures it devours makes up its nervous system and the PCs will often see faces in the wall that scream in agony or talk.

The Planetovore can use the Quickened being to translate in the strange to a location it has been before or a random location in the strange (making finding new recursions easy). 

The Planetovore has a limited amount of power determined by the recursions it eats. If its a level 2 recursion it gets 2 units of energy. 

1 unit of energy is used to Translate in the strange, 1 unit is used to travel in the strange normally for a week, 1 unit is used to create a room in the planetovore, 2 units of energy are used to heal the Planetovore, 2 Units of energy are used to activate internal defenses (from invaders or viruses), 

After the consumption of 6 worlds/recursions I have the Planetovore create a recursion that is a mixture of two previously eaten recursions this is randomly determined and requires 3 units of energy if the planetovore does not have this when it eats its 6 world it dies. 

.... so anything I should add or take out ? 

I want to create a recursion that contains all the greek gods and magic...much like the born of the gods. By magic the gathering mixed with the bit ish shop atlantis .... I feel there are a lot of stories that can happen there. But what foci should I include 

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