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Tara Gentile
Works at Scout Creative Media, llc
Attended Lebanon Valley College
Lives in Reading, PA
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Tara Gentile

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Amen Sista. Where is this meeting of the minds?
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Tara Gentile

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and so cute! 
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Tara Gentile

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Truthbomb #206
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Tara Gentile

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Hi!  Would you please send me an invitation for the KickStart Lab to me on this account rather than my google+ account?  That'd be awesome.  I'd prefer to work off of this one.  Many thanks!
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Tara Gentile

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I always wonder about the "swipe copy" I receive in affiliate marketing campaigns. I always think, "Do people ever actually use that?"

**If you're not familiar, it's when product creators write sample copy for the affiliates promoting their products that those affiliates can "swipe" for their own blog posts or email campaigns.

I'm currently working on two launches, my own (The Art of Growth lands tomorrow!) and a program I'm consulting on. For those, I'm using writing prompts instead of swipe copy. I've formulated questions that should prompt honest, values-driven blog posts and emails that will be ever-so-much more effective that marketing swipe copy.

How do involve others in your product or service launches? And how do you help ensure that their efforts will be as successful as possible?
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I sometimes use it as a basis to get the bare bones, but I totally re-write it in my voice and brand style x
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Have her in circles
4,460 people
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Tara Gentile

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Can't wait!
Words of wisdom from Tara Gentile. Sign up for her course 'The Art Of Selling What You Make' live and free on 10/18:
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Just watched a repost of your workshop with CreativeLive. Wow! I am so entirely grateful for your expertise. So much food for thought!
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Tara Gentile

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love this photo
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Tara Gentile

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Visit to Cape Disappointment in Washington state
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Really great !!!
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Tara Gentile

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Had a blast talking with Tea Silvestre this week. I love me so goooooood questions!
Had a great conversation with +Tara Gentile earlier this week. Here are the highlights (plus a chance to win a free copy of her new book).
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Tara Gentile

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My newest (and fairly personal) post: The wonder of specificity.
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Have her in circles
4,460 people
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Official Ambassador of The You Economy
  • Scout Creative Media, llc
    Official Ambassador of the You Economy, 2009 - present
  • Borders Group
    Manager, 2004 - 2008
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Reading, PA
Harrisburg, PA - Annville, PA
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Business coach building the New Economy with you at the Center.
I'm a business coach, writer, mom, Bonhoeffer chick, science fiction lover, and slave to HBO dramas. Not necessarily in that order.
  • Lebanon Valley College
    Religion, Music, 2000 - 2004
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I've stayed at the Crest Motel twice in the process of moving to town. Yes, it is incredibly dated! But I thoroughly enjoyed my two stays. The view is fantastic. You can hear sea lions almost all the time. Both my rooms were clean and tidy. As long as your expectations are that this is truly a "motel" and that you're there for the view, the price, and the peace & quiet, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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