With all due respect, Mr. Davies,

RE: "... many of those infected show few if any symptoms at all."
Fact: 80 percent of those infected have no symptoms.

Strongly disagree: "Cancelling the Olympic Games would be an extreme measure at this late stage and perhaps, indeed, a measure too far."

From your article: "I don't use repellent - I never have," said local resident Paulo Jose.

Fact: Zika is sexually transmitted and remains longer in semen than in blood. So it doesn't matter that the "season is winter in Brazil" - if men (esp. those like Paulo Jose) never wear repellent; they will transmit it via all forms of sex - oral, vaginal, and anal (and possibly deep kissing).

It is present in pre-ejaculate.

Also, keep in mind that in the northern hemispheres, local mosquitoes (at their population peak) will bite infected tourists and spread the disease locally.

Too much is not known about Zika to risk having 1/2 million people travel to the epicenter of an outbreak.

From my health background:
It appears to get past the blood-brain barrier; so we have no idea (down the road; even decades later) if it can become reactivated (like polio is with post-polio syndrome or like shingles is with chicken pox).

Athletes are being grossly manipulated, in my mind. Rory McIlroy is dead wrong about his statement: "... even if I do contract Zika, it's not the end of the world. It takes six months to pass through your system and you're fine."

FACT: Harvard's John Ross, MD, FIDSA: "The Zika outbreak in French Polynesia was associated with a twenty-fold increased risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome ... Two-thirds of patients lose the ability to walk, and 25% need to be put on a mechanical ventilator because of weakness of the respiratory muscles. Although most people make a partial or full recovery, 20% are still unable to walk at 6 months after diagnosis."

THIS: 20 percent are still unable to walk at 6 months after diagnosis.

The Brazilian strain mutates at alarming rates and appears to be the worst strain yet.

This is a preventable global health tragedy. Sadly, those most affected (homeless and poor) will be the first to suffer (and many of those, like in India) will have no voice.

If I were an Olympic athlete, I would not attend for the simple reason that any medal I might win would be tainted by knowing I was partly responsible for great suffering elsewhere.
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