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Nerd of all trades

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If anyone can help out, that would amazing.

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Friday Flash: Bardsong
Pawel watched her from across the smoke filled tavern, slightly drunk
and more than a little curious. Her strumming on the lute was beautiful,
but not nearly as much as her lustrous red hair or her curving ample
bosom, framed deliciously by her daringly ...

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Davor's Background
Davor                 The
wind beat down on Davor's face, arms, chest, legs, a constant pressure of icy
cold mixed with occasional stinging needles of driven snow. The storm was just
beginning, and Davor knew that in order to complete his training, he had t...

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Writing Inspiration
Dear Hashtag, So right now, I'm really struggling with writing. Part of it is just that I'm totally out of practice, and part of it is that I need to just sit down and do the work. And part of it is that for the last couple of years, I've been feeling utter...

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Podcast Catgories
Dear Hashtag, As I continue to write and discuss podcasts, I definitely feel the need to break them down into categories. I currently listen to well over a hundred different podcasts, with an average cycle time (how often I get through the entire list) of a...

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Pure Dialogue: Pretty Boy
"Kind of a pretty boy, isn't he?" "What? No, I just..." "You just can't stop staring at him. You haven't moved from this spot in the last twenty minutes, and you stopped talking about five minutes ago. He is good looking, I suppose, just kind of.. pretty." ...

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Writing Challenge: Beginnings
I picked up a writing challenge for my Friday Flash this week, because I don't have an existing piece written and wasn't sure where to start. It asked me to find 10 first lines (from an anthology, but I'm using other Friday Flash pieces I found on twitter, ...

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On Podcast Apps
Dear Hashtag, So it turns out... I'm incredibly picky when it comes to my podcast apps. This week I got a new phone, an iPhone, and tragically the podcast app I've been using doesn't exist within the Applesphere. Android Only. So I went shopping. Now, first...

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D&D Background Rough Draft
Dear Hashtag - I don't post fiction particularly often, but I really enjoyed writing this particular piece, so you can have it anyway. This is the background information for a level one character, a warpriest named Sasha. I don't really have a campaign for ...

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40 x 40, Habitica, & Dice
Dear Hashtag, So we have a tradition in our family where we make miniature bucket lists filled with (potentially) achievable goals. The boys are on their 10 by 10 lists (that is, 10 things by age 10) and Holly is on her 30 x 30, but alas... I'm too old for ...
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