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Shingo Onobori (尾登信吾)
Attended Tokyo University of Science
Lives in Hadano


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[Haskell] Haskell Implementors' Workshop talk proposals due in one week! Johan Tibell johan.tibell at Tue Jul 3 16:17:54 CEST 2012. Previous message: [Haskell] Last CFP: Graph Computation M...
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A New OpenBSD Variant is Born: Bitrig
Phoronix is the leading technology website for Linux hardware reviews, open-source news, Linux benchmarks, open-source benchmarks, distribution screenshots, interviews, and computer hardware tests.
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June's issue of BSD Magazine is out, go check it out! This month's issue features
-DNSSEC: Threats to DNS Transactions Part 2
-Anatomy of a FreeBSD Compromise Part 6
-Using Qjail to set up the basejail
-PostgreSQL: Server-Side Programming Part 2
-Synchronization Problems or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the -Sleep Mutex
-ZFS Madness with BEADM – How To
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Vim Advent Calendar 2012 - 44日目
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あけましておめでとうございます。 この記事はVim Advent Calendar 2012 : ATND 44日目の記事になります。 43日目はフォルダ間の移動を高速に「どこでもどあゔぃむー」 - honbin logでした。この記事ではvimshellからツイットするtweetコマンドを作ってみます。 完成版はに...
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All Arch Linux packages have had their files in the /lib directory moved to /usr/lib and now /lib is a symlink to usr/lib. When performing this update, pacman will likely identify a conflict in the /lib directory. In the simplest case, this is worked around by doing:

pacman -Syu --ignore glibc
pacman -Su

Never use --force during this update.

If either of this steps does not work (e.g. due to dependency version issues, file conflicts in /lib), refer to this guide[1] for more detailed instructions on performing this upgrade.

Allan McRae

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Today we're marking the birth of a someone who is a hero to many of us at Google. Alan Turing was born 100 years ago into a world very different from our own—but he’s a founding father of every computer and Internet company today. In 1936, his paper “On Computable Numbers”  introduced two key concepts, “algorithms” and “computing machines," which now rank among the most important intellectual breakthroughs of the 20th century.

In the evolution of computing, all paths trace back to Turing—so we're proud to help commemorate and preserve his legacy. In 2010 we helped raise funds to preserve Turing's papers at Bletchley Park, and recently we’ve worked with curators at London’s Science Museum on their new exhibition “Codebreaker - Alan Turing’s Life and Legacy.” And of course, we couldn't let this occasion pass without a doodle. If you visit our homepage today, you'll find a simulation of his “Turing machine"—try your hand at programming it, and read more about Turing in our blog post:
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なお vim-jp/cpp-vim プロジェクトは以下のURLにて運用中で誰でも参加可能です。お気軽にどうぞ。
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  • Tokyo University of Science
    Mathematics, 2009 - 2013
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