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So I have now reviewed Nolan's Aquarium on several websites including Yahoo Local, Google, Yelp, CitySearch and a couple more.  I've even filed a grievance with the Better Business Bureau.   What's funny about all of this is that they're getting their friends to go after and give them all 5 star reviews.  It wouldn't have had to come to this if they had not tried to get me banned on Facebook by removing my legit review.  They only want positive reviews showing, and that gives the customer a false sense of what they are truly like.  Maybe instead of trying to curtail the bad reviews, you actually treat your customers better, then there wouldn't be any negative reviews.

For those that want to read the review now, here it goes:

I wish there was an option to give zero stars.  After my experience with them this past week, I'll never go back.

First off it started on Friday, July 25th.  I went in the store to ask for some help with dosing.  I had bought some Seachem ferts from them the previous week and the gal, Rachel, told me that Matt dosed his tanks with them and that it worked out well.  So I bought the chemicals but the directions are more for 250 gallon tanks.  Who has that?   All I wanted to know was how many ML per gallon.  So I wait 20 minutes to speak to the guy when he finally gets done with the other customers.  I ask him about the stuff and he says "Have you ever heard of Google?  You seriously want me to calculate this out for you, I've got other customers!"  I was taken aback.  And had I not desperately needed the garlic supplement I would have left it on the counter and left.  But that is the last $22 they'll ever see from me.  I told him that the girl that worked there said he dosed and recommended them, and his reply was "Well she just wanted to get a sale.  You don't need to dose, I don't dose my tanks."  Well of course you don't dose the store tanks, you don't keep them in stock so you won't need to.

So I posted a review on their Facebook page and 2 days later on Sunday Rachel called me.  She profusely apologized and helped me out with the dosing, or led me to websites that honestly didn't help me with the exact ferts I got but it was a nice gesture and I told her I'd edit the review and I did and thanked her for it.  Two days later I get an email that they had complained to Facebook and Facebook removed my review, even though my review was ABOUT THEIR COMPANY and didn't go against ANY policy, they just wanted the negative review removed.  And not only did they remove my negative review, they removed EVERYBODY'S.   So basically the apology Rachel had given me was followed by a slap in the face.  Why even bother to apologize?  If you're going to just delete my review, why bother to pretend to care?  So I left another review with the email that I got sent from Facebook.  Good job treating your customers like crap and then hiding the bad reviews.  Heads up though, Facebook isn't the only website to review companies.  Oh and apparently they've blocked me now from reviewing them.

But let's also talk about why I was there in the first place to pick up the garlic supplement.  That is because they sold me 2 clown loaches that had Ich.  Now my tank had only been set up a month but it had cycled and had ich free guppies in there.  There was no ich.  I got the ich from THEIR fish and their water.  So I go back and ask for help on what to do.  Now I had done the research, and honestly I wish I would have not listened to Matt's advice on this either.  Instead of just buying a heater and slowly turning it up to 85 to rid all of the parasites, he said that the ich medicine was the best.  I stupidly bought it.  And not only did it ruin my homemade decorations and turn them blue, which he did not say nor did the bottle, one of the loaches only got worse.  He is on his deathbed now and I've run out of options to help him.  So I paid $14 for the fish, another $10 or so for the ich medicine, and $22 for the garlic supplement to try and coax my little guy to eating, plus the zucchini, coconut, and other foods to try, all because Nolan's Aquarium sells sick fish.  I should have known better.  They pretty much have dead fish in all of their tanks.  It's something I noticed each time I've gone there.  I should have trusted my gut.  But they were the closest LFS to me so I went there.  Now I know, and I'll travel that extra 10 miles or so to go to another one.

After the hundreds of dollars I've spent there, I can't believe they would treat me like this.  I wish I could take every single thing I bought there back.  It's ok though, they'll not get one more dollar from me, and I hope that they won't get any from you either.

Edited to say that my fish has now died.  And apparently they really don't want negative reviews on their Facebook page, because they've banned me after showing my displeasure.
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