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blocking unwelcome visitors in hangouts (a.k.a. trolls)

like many of you, i’ve met a ton of amazing and interesting people in public hangouts. unfortunately we’re starting to see some people who purposely crash these types of hangouts and cause problems. :( we want to empower you to do something about this, so, today we are rolling out new block functionality in hangouts to empower you to block mr. troll. here’s how....

hover your mouse over mr. troll’s thumbnail and click on the red hand icon. this will immediately cut off communication between the two of you: you can no longer see or hear each other, or read each other’s text chats. mr. troll is also added to your Google+ block list, which means you can’t access each other’s posts or join hangouts the other person is in. if you have a change of heart, you can always go to your circles editor and unblock him.

when you block mr. troll, all participants in the hangout will receive a notification. this will help them understand why you aren’t responding to him anymore, and also why he can’t hear you. more importantly it educates/reminds others that they also have this option available to them. if everyone in the hangout blocks mr. troll, then he’s completely put in a box by himself. this is also effective for troll packs that travel together. just block them all and continue with your prior conversation.

i hope that the existence of this tool makes it much less rewarding for trolls to even try. however if you do meet mr. troll, don’t hesitate to have them talk to the hand and block’em.

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