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Optimus Nerd
Making technology easy to understand for everyone..
Making technology easy to understand for everyone..

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Because event the Optimus Nerd isn't the Omniscient Nerd

I'm really enjoying the new G+ layouts, what do you guys think?

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I have been receiving SPAM text messages from apps created by +Pinger, Inc for days now. I really think +Apple Inc. screwed up letting these apps exist. Making it free to text message people makes it too easy for others to take advantage of the system and since this is so new there's no regulation so unsubscribing takes days and know-how, the average person will never figure it out and just keep getting text message raped... Here is what I have been getting (so far about 50 of these in the last three days), stupid messages driving me to download some app I don't want, with absolutely NO WAY to prevent more.

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Cool, I turned on our Paper.Li finally. Man, I really have to start getting back into blogging. I miss it.

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Getting ready to have some fun using new Google+ pages on my brand new blog. I'll get back to you all when it's time.
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