Too many F***ing bragging apps!

I went to dinner tonight with +Loic Le Meur and +Geraldine LeMeur. We had an extraordinary dinner at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Paris, France. It is one of the top restaurants here. So, of course, I wanted to brag about my meal to everyone.

Why brag?

Because I'm a human and bragging is part of the human condition. We want other people to know we're having a good time. Some of my favorite tweets are when other people make me feel bad that I'm missing out on good times with them. When they are having a freaking awesome meal. When they are hanging out with someone cooler than me. When they are at a concert with someone I love, like Adele.


Because that gives me something to talk about with them. "You dawg, I can't believe you went to French Laundry and didn't take me."

It's what my friend, +Hugh MacLeod calls a social object. It turns a dessert into something that we'll talk about all week. Hey, speaking of which, check out the Paris Brest I ate tonight. They were magical, melted in your mouth, and you can't get them in San Francisco (you can get them at the sister restaurant in Las Vegas, which Loic tells me is just as epic as the one in Paris, France). Eat your heart out world.

So, how do we brag about them to each other?

Well, +Loic Le Meur and I compared just how many apps we have to brag about great experiences with each other.

First, there's the grand daddy: Facebook. Since all of our friends and family are there, that's a must do.

Twitter? Sure.

+Kevin Rose's new app, +Oink? Yup.
+Alexa Andrzejewski 's app, +Foodspotting? Absolutely! (I used it to figure out what I wanted to eat, since I didn't speak French but every meal here had already been Foodspotted).
+Dave Morin's new app, +Path? Of course!
+Batch? Yes.
+Instagram? Sure!
+Google+? 195,000 followers can't be wrong!
+foursquare? Of course I checked in, although there weren't any discounts at this top rate restaurant.
We haven't even talked about the new +Color, coming soon.

What else?

OK, we're hitting something we call "app exhaustion." If you used all these apps you would never get to eat the cookies, er, Paris Brest's.

So, we see a new problem. "It's a disaster," Loic told me during dinner.

His answer? "Don't tell "xxxxx" but I'm not using his app anymore," he told me at one point.

Why not? Because we just aren't getting enough in return.

All we wanted to do is make our close friends and family feel bad that they weren't here in Paris with us. We didn't want to spend 30 minutes during a very special meal posting photos, commenting, and upgrading our social graphs.

On stage at LeWeb I'm interviewing +Dennis Crowley, founder of Foursquare. I'm going to ask him just how many apps we need to brag to our friends that we are having an extraordinary experience?

How many of these do you use? Which ones will you settle on after all the social media wankering is done?

I'm guessing that I'll still keep using these:

Facebook because all my family and friends are there.
Foodspotting, because it is the best way to join into the foodie community world wide.
Instagram, because it lets me push to all my social networks, including Foodspotting, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and others.
Path. Because only my very best friends are on it (it's the ultimate small network right now, because I can't add more than 150 people there and I'm already full, so it's more exclusive than a TED conference).

I won't use Google+ because the affordance here is different and because there isn't an API so I can't shove photos here from other apps yet. Oh, wait, I guess I just did use Google+ to brag. Hah!

Batch? Stamped? Oink? I don't see how they will survive. Do you?
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