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Hey all, what settings do you recommend for better battery life? I have a 46 mm 2nd gen, and have been getting some quick drain. Thanks! 

Hey all, I recently got a Chromebook Pixel LS and have been concerned with battery life. Just took it off the charger at 100%, screen brightness at 50% and it's estimating 6:53 battery life. Not getting close to the estimated 13 hrs or so. Worth contacting Google Support? Thanks!

Hey guys, is there a way to measure battery life? I figure predicted time remaining will vary depending on your activity, but sometimes I'm just browsing and I don't appear to get great numbers for long battery life. Thanks! 

Hey all, suffered a major issue with my Pixel C this morning -- the screen became totally unresponsive to touch. The screen wakes up when hitting the power button, but does not register any touches at all. The connected keyboard can open it up, but I'm limited only to the actions I can take with keyboard shortcuts. Running the battery down to see if it'll do any better afterward. Otherwise, this is getting returned. 

Hi all,
If you get the metal band version of the watch, how easy is it to adjust the length? Thanks!

Hi all, deciding between the Huawei Watch and the Moto 360 (2nd gen). Would anyone be so kind as to share their experiences so far with the Huawei watch? Input from anyone who has/tried both would be appreciated as well. Thanks!

Unboxed the Pixel C today and so far loving it. I've been using smaller tablets the last couple years, so it was great to have such a large screen tablet again. The display is sharp and can get super bright. The keyboard attachment is great and I got used to typing on it within minutes. Have not had any issues with screen or keyboard lag, or wifi. 

My frost 64 6p ordered back in early October has been in pending purgatory. Got the delay and $25 credit email last night. Then wake up this morning to see the order is now in processing. Can't wait to get it!

Hi all, I'm looking to get an Rx100 camera soon and saw the Mark IV will be released soon, although at nearly $1,000. Any thoughts on the worth of getting the IV, or would the III be more than sufficient? Thanks!

Hi all, first time using Aosip. How do I change themes? Thanks!
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