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As many of you know, Google keeps track of every search you've ever done. Or, at least every search that every computer has ever done. I could stop right there and that would be profound enough.

However, it actually creates a problem when you want to check your website's rankings. The search engines note that you keep searching for, and visiting, your website again and again. They then begin to move your website artificially higher in the results the next time you search. Eventually, the results that you are seeing have no basis in reality.

Now, there are many websites where you can enter your website url and it will check the site's performance from a third-party standpoint. However, I have found these sites to be much less than accurate. 

If you really want the straight scoop on your site's rankings, I recommend a downloadable program from Advanced Web Ranking. Its software allows you to not only check your site's rankings from the viewpoint of a new visitor, it also can track rankings on Google Places results, Yahoo Local and Bing Maps.

It tracks all of your social media shares, reports Google analytics results for specific keywords and and a lot more. We use it. I have no vested financial interest in the product.

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Add a comment...

Here's a tip and an invitation... 

Google loves important and popular people. Part of getting your Google+ page to show up on the first page of Google search results is what is being called "author ranking". That means that Google will more highly rank businesses and professionals who have other businesses and professionals following their Google+ postings. Obviously, if a large number of entities in your field think highly enough of you to subscribe to what you post, then Google should rank you higher because you're important.

There's the tip and here's the invitation. I have made it a point to go to each one of your Google+ pages to add you to my Circles. That tells Google that I think you are important (and you are). If you have not done so already, take time to visit very member of this community's Google+ page and add them to your Circles. When new members sign up, add them to your Circles. Together, we can create "author rank" for each other.

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Well, it's 2013 and it appears that Google has possibly made a new resolution. Perhaps they have resolved to be more accepting of positive Google+ Reviews before they make EVERYBODY angry. Two of our clients have had positive Google+ Reviews show up in the last week. One of them has four "Excellent" reviews... the first positive reviews to show up in the last eight months. Anyone else suddenly being gifted with positive reviews by Google? 

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Hope you enjoy this short "End-Of-The-World" video I put together just for fun. Yes, I know it has nothing to do with Dental SEO... unless you aren't planning on keeping track after Friday. :-)

New point of discussion... Has anyone had an experience with Google's move to downgrade websites in the search rankings if their domain name is a blatant keyword phrase?

We have been discussing why may have dropped in the SERP rankings after redesigning the website. I noticed that the new website doesn't have a site map for the spiders to follow, however, I wonder if the domain name itself may have hurt it.

Here's another tip/discussion point. Remember that your Google+ page is no different than a website as far as optimization goes. When you post photos or videos, you have the opportunity to name those photos and add descriptions to them as well. Open up your photo in Photoshop or a similar app and find the menu selection that lets you Get Info on the photo. Here you can name the photo something like, "Cosmetic Dental Patient in Schlobsky MN". Then add the description, "a cosmetic dental patient from Schlobsky MN who received a smile makeover from Dr. You". When you post it on your Google+ page, the Google spiders will see the keywords and the location and it will help your placement in the Google Local listings.

My apologies to the fine residents of Schlobsky, MN.

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So, Google told us back in June that if you wanted to get your patients to post positive Google reviews about your practice, you needed to promote Google+ to your patients and get them using Google's social media platform. Since then, it seems that Google hasn't allowed any positive reviews to be posted. There is an uproar. SEE:!msg/business/JV-J-lqPcac/l8WeDkBQ7nYJ

Has anyone figured out how to get your patients' positive reviews actually posted on your Google+ page?

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I'll start the discussion off with a report on the importance of updating your website text on a regular basis.

As you may know, Google is a crack addict when it comes to the newest and most up-to-date- information on the web. Google's spiders are constantly comparing a website's presented info with the last time they visited the website.

The Google spiders, on average, come around very 16-23 days to index your website. Make sure that when they arrive, you have made updates to your Home page text, links and graphics. Google's reaction will be, "Wow! They are really keeping the website fresh with new content and updated information. They should move up in the rankings."

Using this technique, and others, we were able to capture page #1 rankings for our dental client in New York City. And, you know what they say, "If you can make it work in New York, you can make it work anywhere."

Welcome to the Dental SEO Community. I'm Mark Curtis, President, Curtis Group, and I would like to invite you to share your questions, suggestions and success stories with our group.
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