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Which mode of transport do you think was the best?
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King of Red Lions
Link's Loftwing
Spirit Train
S.S. Linebeck
King of Red Lions
Link's Loftwing
Spirit Train
S.S. Linebeck

Okay I've got a theory. I believe Silver and Sonic were part of Project Shadow. In Sonic X, Rouge stated that the 2 capsules for PS (Project Shadow) were jettisoned and never recovered, however Shadow some how was. Now each of the hedgehogs has some sort of supernatural ability (Sonic-Super Speed, Shadow- Chaos Spear, Silver - Telekinesis) which doesn't seem to give them much, if any, physical repercussions, which leads me to believe they all linked to the Chaos Force which would also explain them being able to use The Chaos Emeralds. And for the time/space differences of their locations, i believe it could have been chaos control sending Silver to the future, Sonic to the past/Mobius, while Shadow was absent to be captured. Please Let me know what you think of this Theory

Ok guys, time for the big question. Cutscenes, good, bad, in between, or varies.

okay reply if you agree that the wii gets a worse rep than it deserves
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