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A New Start
Hi guys! Over Christmas I decided to set up my own website to serve as a online portfolio in order to showcase some of my work. Recently, I've decided to move my blog over there as well just so that my writing can all be located in one place on the web. Fro...

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Things to do in Chicago: Day at the (Turtle) Races
Every Friday from 5-9 at The Tin Lizzie on Clark Street, crowds gather around a small circular table in the back of the bar to experience a unique sporting event to start off their weekend- turtle races.  The Tin Lizzie has been racing turtles for the past ...

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A Belated New Year’s Resolution- Become a Flâneur
And after a three-month hiatus I’m back. Like some people on the planet, I normally don’t make new years resolutions. The concept never really intrigued me. Sure I have life goals, but I normally don't sit down at the beginning of each year thinking about w...

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Fall Playlist
Happy fall!! I wanted to share a playlist I made for the fall season. Some of the songs are older while others are more recent, but each one is perfect for listening to at this time of year. You can also listen to the playlist through 8tracks by clicking he...

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An Abundance of Crescent Rolls
After a week of cooking, I’m often left with a random
assortment of leftovers. Instead of throwing away all my excess food, I try to
reuse it to make a simple but delicious meal. Enter Pillsbury Crescent rolls. The best thing about crescent rolls is that

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Etsy & Storenvy Faves
Last week, I shared some of my favorite pins on Pinterest. This week, I wanted to quickly share my favorite items from Etsy/Storenvy. X X I love the v-neck on this baseball style tee. X X A sweater featuring one of my favorite animals.  X X I don't care tha...

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I came across this  article  today in the midst of the numerous 9/11 posts. It offers a deeper look at the numerous people who were affected by that fateful day and where they are now. I think stories like this help put a face to the tragedy, making it all ...

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Photo Diary: An Afternoon in the Loop
"I give you Chicago. It is not London and Harvard. It is
not Paris and buttermilk. It is American in every chitling and sparerib. It is
alive from snout to tail."  H. L. Mencken

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Pinterest Picks!
Oh Pinterest, easily 50% of my procrastination is because of
this website. (The other 50% is due to Tumblr) Today, I thought I would share
some of my favorite pins that I’ve come across recently. Enjoy!   I’ve been loving the long cardigan/flannel over shor...

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Last weekend, my friends from Rome and I had a Rome reunion dinner at Eataly. This was my first time actually eating there, as in the past, it's been too crowded to actually sit-down and enjoy a meal. As it turns out the place was still packed. We had to wa...
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