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Taste the Rainbow.®
Taste the Rainbow.®

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If you eat Skittles right before midnight on December 31st, I guarantee you’ll immediately travel one year forward through time.

Skittles on Earth, and goodwill to all Rainbows.

I came here to eat Skittles and insult robots. And I just ran out of robots.

Owls always look surprised because they are. Life’s full of surprises. don’t you always look surprised?

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Do you have anything to say to this pack of Skittles?

When choosing web-spinning locations, spiders look for comfort, good schools, and the likelihood you’ll pass through it.

In my top drawer I keep Skittles. in my bottom drawer I keep Skittles. There is no middle drawer.

Five centuries from now, robots that don't dispense Skittles will be considered barbaric.

Do you prefer your Skittles served to you in a gravy boat or a tureen?

1. Wear sunglasses. 2. Take them off dramatically. 3. Put them on a guinea pig even more dramatically. #TipsOnBeingSuperCool
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