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About Us

From early on, Precision Steel Inc realized that in order to be recognized as a leader in the welding industry we needed to be responsive, reliable, innovative, and deliver quality work to every project that bore our name. Through the years, our high standards and work ethic have paid off. Time and again, we have proven that we have what it takes to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our clientele. At Precision Steel Inc, we see every request as an opportunity to showcase our skills, and realize that the completed project is a reflection of our commitment and a model to enhance our prestige in the welding industry.

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Is welding only done with a welding torch?

There are many other forms of welding which do not use a welding torch to connect materials. Ultrasonic welding uses high frequency vibration to connect thin metal sheets. There is also roll welding where two pieces are run through two high pressure rollers to clamp them together. Electricity can be used to weld metals but applications are a bit limited because the cost can be high.

We don’t have to go through all of the types, just know that welders have more than one way to make sparks fly.

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