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Heatmaps & Real-time Analytics All Overlaid on Your Website
Heatmaps & Real-time Analytics All Overlaid on Your Website

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Target your audience and build a winning web presence. Click heatmaps tell you exactly where visitors are clicking. Drive your website to success now! #analytics   #websiteheatmapping  

Kick the New Year off to an epic start with a full site audit using website heatmaps and real-time analytics to get your site fit and focused for the future! #websiteanalytics  

Thank you for an amazing year! We at SeeVo cannot wait to help fill your 2014 with more conversions, more intuitive analytics and traffic aplenty! 

Wondering if your blog is getting read? Get a helping hand from an eye tracking heatmap and target your content for your audience. #heatmapping   #eyetracking   

A homepage should reflect who you are as a business and what you can offer, both in copy and design, website heatmaps will guide the way.

Audit your landing page and optimize that ecommerce site for the holidays! Heatmaps and real-time analytics are ready and waiting! 

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How to Convert One-Time Customers Into Repeat or Lifetime Customers 

Targeted marketing using rich, high-quality content is a game-changer. Start a blog or write a few articles and watch the engagement soar. #websiteanalytics  

Monitoring website traffic and reach can help you release campaigns on the perfect day and at the perfect time. #websiteanalytics  

Track traffic updates, interactions, new visits, activity, & more with one click of the mouse. SeVo powers your website for success!
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