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Trina Autry
I'm the most scatter brained OCD gal you will ever meet...
I'm the most scatter brained OCD gal you will ever meet...

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My Wish for You
I know, once again it's been a while since I delighted the virtual world with my not so brilliant sarcasm and wit. Work. School. Kids. Helping Mom with the struggles of Daddy passing. The car breaking down, as it likes to frequently do. But... I shall not c...

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Not Quite Lost
But it feels like it. I've been absent because I've not had the courage nor creativity to post. Let me preface with this. 4th of July was a blast. Literally. We constructed a massive board with tons of pvc piping, dropped the fireworks down the pipeing and ...

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Feeling Accomplished
Hiya, Peeps! I totally have some updates for you...  Two more pages stitched on Spirit of the Wild ! It's definitely coming along nicely...  (There's that Magic 8 Ball... it's the perfect weight for holding things down and answering questions at the same ti...

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Shopping and a Mini Stitch
Happy Monday! I almost feel like a sadist for even saying it since Mondays are typically not my thing unless I have at least 6 cups of coffee. The insomniac night owl in me just doesn't usually like Mondays so I wouldn't normally wish one to be happy for an...

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I have been working like crazy on Spirit of the Wild since I have returned home. I have actually finished the two pages that were in progress this past week. (I have no life, lol) Here's the latest on the top right corner: The bottom left corner: AND all 10...

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Home, Sweet Home
I made it back! FINALLY. The extra $$ just wasn't worth the exhaustion towards the end of my contract. I mean, driving almost 700 miles plus working 60-70 hrs a week is enough to run anyone into the ground. I've managed to stitch a bit this past weekend, bu...

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Gut Punched
Hello, world. I know it's been a while. I've been on contract for the last month at another school - fixing a train wreck. I very rarely post without photos of my stitching, but I just haven't had the time while working between 60 & 70 hours a week. It's be...

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Who's Yo Mama?!
Yup... it's me. Kicking butt and taking names. I hope everyone had a most lovely Easter weekend. I made the trek to Elvistown. Cooked Easter dinner for 15 people... it was definitely yum. Did a little shopping. Went to church. On a side note - We are THAT f...

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A Few More
Stitches that is. Slow and steady wins the race right? I made the trip to Elvis Town to see my parental unit. Never a vacation. PATME (Parental Adult Teller-Machine Extractor - the half that gives us grown children $$) is still fighting the battle against s...

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Page 6
Here you go Ladies and Gents... the up to date photo of my H&E design... So far it is 59,808 stitches. I've broken 1 needle - massive amazon man hands - and I'm on my 3rd highlighter. This will be the biggest project I have stitched yet. Move over Van Gogh....
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