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Shinya Arimoto | Portraits of Tibet
Photo © Shinya Arimoto - All Rights Reserved I don't think I've featured the work of a Japanese photographer on The Travel Photographer blog before, and especially not one who traveled a number of times in Tibet. Tibet, on the situated on the Tibetan Platea...

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POV : Photojournalism's Uncertain Future
The New York Times recently featured two articles concerning the future of photojournalism, through interviews with Donald R. Winslow (editor of the National Press Photographers Association’s News Photographer magazine and newspaper) and Leslye Davis , a yo...

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POV: NYC's Asia Society & The Age of Ignorance
Readers and followers of The Travel Photographer blog are probably well aware of my immense disappointment at the inertia demonstrated by the Asia Society in NYC in acknowledging my letters suggesting it recognizes the Vietnamese Mother Goddess religion as ...

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Yvan Cohen | Chinese Opera
Photo © Yvan Cohen - All Rights Reserved I've been interested in Chinese opera for quite a while; way before watching Farewell My Concubine. As a photographer, I'm attracted by its visual aesthetics and by its colorful make up and costumery...but I am also ...

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Chinatown Noir | Street Photography With The X-Pro2
CHINATOWN NOIR by Tewfic El-Sawy on Exposure I am lucky to live in a neighborhood within easy walking distance to New York City's Chinatown. A mere 15 minutes or so, and I'm in Asia. It's as if I am walking in the cacophonous streets of Hong Kong, perhaps w...

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Sam Barker | Charro
Photo © Sam Barker Photography -All Rights Reserved Let's go south of the border with the charro. These are Mexican horsemen (the horsewomen are known as charra) typically dressed in an elaborately decorated outfit of close-fitting pants, jackets, and sombr...

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Mercer Street | Street Photography With The X-Pro2
I am a creature of on the days I decide to photograph in the streets of my NYC neighborhood, I follow a certain route that takes me from the streets of SoHo to Chinatown. Sometimes, I deviate and hit the East Side and the Bowery, but normally I s...

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Lee Cohen | A Three Hour Tour
A Three Hour Tour by Lee Cohen on Exposure The Circular Railway is a local commuter rail network that serves the Yangon (previously known as Rangoon) metropolitan area. It extends over 28 miles, and serves 39 stations in a loop system. The railway has about...

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NEOCHA | The Puppets of Myanmar
Photo © Chan Qu | Courtesy NEOCHA  The string puppets of Myanmar (previously known as Burma) are called Yoke Thé ( meaning "miniatures"). It originated from royal patronage and were gradually adapted for the wider populace. The puppets or marionettes are in...

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Lidia D’Opera | Venice
Venice by Lidia D'Opera on Exposure After so much focus on Southeast and South Asia on the pages of The Travel Photographer blog, I think my readers and I are ready for a change of geography...and Venice and its famous carnival is probably one of the most j...
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