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The Legend of the Purple Hairpin | Fuji X-Pro2
During my regular photo walks in New York City's Chinatown, I chanced upon another poster advertising a forthcoming Chinese (Cantonese) Opera at the Chinese Community Center's theater on Mott Street. Naturally,
I booked my seat, and attended its featured sh...

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Daoquing Opera | Li Jianzeng
Photo © Li Jianzeng - All Rights Reserved I'm currently immersed (well, partially) in research for what I hope may be a long term project, involving various types of Chinese Opera. It's a lot to chew on since Chinese Opera has innumerable varieties. For ins...

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The Mosuo (or Dabu) | Karolin Klüppel
Photo © Karolin Klüppel | All Rights Reserved The definition of ethno-photography is that it consists of images of different people and aspects of their lifestyle in order to document their culture. This photography genre is widely used by ethnographers to ...

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Beneath The Makeup | Abel Blanco
Here is a short documentary -part of the series Portrait of a Beijinger - produced by Abel Blanco, featuring a self-taught Peking opera performer who specializes as a nandan , or man who performs female roles on stage.  The nandan , as the cross-gender role...

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The Ca Trù Musician | Fuji X-T1
In March 2015 I had just started researching and potographing the cult of Mother Goddesses in Hanoi, and was introduced once again to the ancient art of Ca Trù. I had attended one of its performances already during one of my photo expeditions in 2012. The p...

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Nagi Yoshida | Ethiopia
Photo © Nagi Yoshida-All Rights Reserved "Some children want to become pilots, some models, but my dream was pure and simple, to become African." -Nagi Yoshida Looking back over my 10 years of authoring The Travel Photographer blog, I have seldom featured t...

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Thrones of Semana Santa | Brandon Li
This is one of the best video-documentaries I've seen so far of a religious event/festival. Holy Week (Semana Santa) in Spain is the annual tribute of the Passion of Jesus Christ celebrated by Catholic religious brotherhoods and fraternities that perform pe...

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Hotel Photography : Using Staff As Models
Photo © Tewfic El-Sawy - All Rights Reserved I
had the pleasure to be asked to photograph the fabulous Mandarin Hotel
Kuala Lumpur (MOKL) during the Travel Photographer Society events in
Malaysia a few weeks ago, and having spent the better part of day d...

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The Red Qi Pao | The Back Story...
Readers of this blog will know that I've been interested in adding another arrow to my quiver  photographically speaking  for quite a while, and I'm now earnestly starting a "chinoiserie" phase  in my photographic trajectory.  As I wrote in an earlier pos...

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Ofir Barak | Mea Sharim
Photo © Ofir Barak - All Rights Reserved You'd be forgiven if you thought that the above photograph was taken in Saudi Arabia or Iran, but it's not. It's a street scene in the Mea Shearim settlement  outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem in Israel,...
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