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Dario Hunter officially "endorses Youngstown Community Bill of Rights. On Nov. 8th, vote YES to protecting the environment and public health against the hazards of fracking. Don't listen to the sell-outs and corporate interests trying to cheat you and your children out of a safe, healthy future."

VOTE YES! on charter amendment #6 on Nov 8 to ban fracking in Youngstown.


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Frackfree Mahoning Valley (FMV) is calling for Ohio Governor John Kasich and ODNR Chief Simmers to immediately halt three fracking waste injection well sites near family homes, a “high hazard” dam, an airport, businesses, or schools.  FMV says the injection wells are too close to areas of known seismic activity where man-made earthquakes have already occurred.

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Frackfree Mahoning Valley (FMV), an anti-fracking group whose members live in an area that experienced man-made earthquakes in northeastern Ohio, will participate in a prayer service/vigil conducted by Reverend Monica Beasley-Martin and hold an informational rally on Tuesday, July 12, 2016, at 12 noon to 1 PM, just west of 4555 McCartney Road, Coitsville, Ohio, 44436, near an injection well site. The public and media are invited to attend.

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Groups Call for a Halt to Toxic Fracking Waste and Man-made Earthquakes in a National Day of Action to be held on Tuesday, June 7, 2016:  Frackfree Mahoning Valley Will Mark the Day by Calling for the State to Permanently Shut Down Local Injection Well Operations

June 5, 2016 – Even though unconventional fracking currently appears to be experiencing a shale bust, the toxic fracking waste problem is still here and getting worse as millions of gallons and tons of fracking waste is constantly being created, according to groups organizing a National Day of Action to be held on June 7, 2016. 

       On June 7th, groups and concerned citizens in about sixteen states will call for a halt to toxic fracking waste and related man-made earthquakes in an event titled “Freedom From Toxic Fracking Waste and Earthquakes: National Day of Action.”

       One of the major concerns the groups want to address is:

Where is all of the fracking waste going when there is no good or safe way to handle it that effectively protects public health, safety, and well-being?

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Join us for a screening of Jon Bowermaster's new film Dear President Obama! After the film, we'll host a live video chat with Mark Ruffalo. Dear President Obama takes us on a cross-country journey to hear from communities impacted by our national energy policy. It isn't just a film. It’s opportunity for impacted communities to directly address the president, show him the results of his disastrous energy policy and call on him to change course to a renewable future. Once you sign up, invite your friends to join us!

Can you join me? Click here for details and to RSVP:


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Frackfree Mahoning Valley Occupies news space of chamber of commerce event in Mill Creek Park meant to promote fracking - huge turn-out of concerned citizens greets lunch-goers. Park Director flees and acts in a rude manner to taxpayers - READ MORE:

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Popcorn & A Movie 7pm Fri Feb 12 Youngstown Townhall EVENT
FRIDAY 7pm Feb 12 TownHall w/ FREE film "Oklahoma Shakedown" - all media, elected and appointed officials, and the general public are invited to attend this very important event.

WHERE: The First Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown, 1105 Elm St (Elm & Illinois), #Youngstown, Ohio 44505  
Film illustrates how the enormous problems associated with fracking, earthquakes, and injection/disposal wells across the  2 states of #Ohio & Oklahoma are similar.  Learning we have an #Oklahoma-based company seeking to operate in Vienna serves as an example of how states are tied together in this.

Town Hall–Style Meeting is on why these injection wells and others must stop: one near #fracking waste-related #earthquake epicenters in Weathersfield/Niles must remain closed, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources must deny an injection permit for a newly drilled Vienna airport area injection well near family homes because the well is close to an “area of known seismic activity”:

MORE DETAILS on FILM and TownHall:

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#Youngstown #Ohio city water showed signs of possible #fracking waste contamination beginning Aug 4. Notice to some customers of Meander Reservoir to be sent Sept. 4. Double the usual amount of #trihalomethanes was found. Maximum contaminant level goal is zero but in this modern industrialized age, 80 ppb (parts per billion) is the enforceable limit. Normally MVSD supplies drinking water w/ 40 ppb.
Eugene Leson Jr., city water dept. chief engineer "shocked by" test results.

"Some people who drink water containing total trihalomethanes in excess of the MCL over many years could experience liver, kidney, or central nervous system problems and increased risk of cancer." ~ via EPA at

"High concentrations of halides in wastewater from hydraulic fracturing can lead to increased levels of toxic compounds produced during drinking water disinfection. Chlorine and chloramine used to disinfect water can react with organic matter to form compounds such as trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids. These disinfection by-products have been linked to cancer and nervous system problems, and some are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In the presence of other halides such as bromide and iodide, the disinfectants can create by-products that are even more toxic than their chlorinated analogs. Wastewater generated during #hydraulicfracturing can contain high concentrations of these halides, and they remain after the water goes through commercial or municipal wastewater treatment." ~ via American Chemical Society at

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Join tomorrow's #Ohio townhall: August 27, 2015: Communities Come Together to Discuss Injection Wells, #Fracking Waste, Man-made Earthquakes, & Other Fracking-Related Infrastructure: What Can People do to Protect Their Neighborhoods, Drinking Water, Air, Family . On Thursday,  Concerned Citizens of Frackfree Mahoning Valley Will Hold a Public Townhall – Style Meeting in Youngstown, Ohio, Titled “A Community Discussion: Injection Wells, Fracking Waste, Man-made Earthquakes, and Other Fracking-Related Infrastructure: What Can People do to Protect Their Neighborhoods, Drinking Water, Air,  and Their Family’s and the Public’s Health, Safety, and Well-being?"  
Youngstown, Ohio, August 25, 2015 – In a shocking turn of events, new fracking waste injection well drilling has started in Vienna, Ohio near a family’s home despite high-profile, public opposition and concern for public health, safety, and welfare of the entire region. In addition, gas flaring has begun near a Pulaski Township resident’s home.
       What can concerned citizens do to safeguard their families and their communities when unwanted, risky or dangerous, heavy industrial operations are permitted by the state in their neighborhoods or near their schools, parks, and homes?
       Prompted by this and other recent news regarding earthquakes, fracking waste, and injection wells, Frackfree Mahoning Valley, a group of local concerned citizens, will hold a townhall-style open public meeting on Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 7 PM to 9 PM, at The First Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown, located at 1105 Elm St., Youngstown, Ohio. (Elm & Illinois.)  The meeting is free and open to the public.
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