Holy smokes!!!  One of the highest population density areas on the planet... nice work HK Resistance!

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+959077 MU's

On December 8th at 2:28PM a temporary but astonishing Control Field was created by The Resistance at Repulse Bay, Hong Kong with an astronomical total of +959077 MUs. Setting the a record for largest control field in Hong Kong. The area of the Field was roughly about area 96.4 sq miles or 249.72 sq km covering all of Kowloon city, Central, East Harbor and the Hong Kong Harbor. Resistance control area until 4:42 PM, when the enemy finally took it out. 

The massive op under code name Big Round CF took weeks of planing to setup and executed. The success of the operation could not be over stated. Massive amount of information was learned and the Control Field's effect is still being analyzed. Territory was gained, the enemies planed was foiled, their day was lost, ours was nothing but gain and Resistance territory was defend.  

Reaction to the massive Control Field were mixed. Enlightened operatives were quoted saying "wtf is with the huge blue triangle" Resistance operatives were quoted saying "I just did my first hack. I didn't expect WTS to have a blue field though" and "good job resistance"

The success of this mission could not have been achieved YOU the Resistance. All of you played a roll in this operation, those who defend central to those who attack tst and distracting the enemy. You are the Resistance! And this was for the Resistance!

This should be worth about 10 invite codes :)

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