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Not until I know you... and even then... [aimed at techies but still applicable]
How Linux/Android/OS X/Windows/Unix/iOS fanboys expects to treat all other OS variant in the galaxy... #Truth   #humor   #fanboy  
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New owncloud desktop client available. I've yet to read the upgrade/fixes but hopefully the hard symlink issue under windows, causing a directory to fail sync, has been resolved. I'm toing to install it and see how it goes on my linux box, but i'll have to create a hard symlink on my lappy to test the windows problem so i can solve the problem for my customers.
ownCloud Desktop Client 2.0.2 is now available!

Here are some of the main updates:
* Improved Windows UNC path and symlink handling
* Many detail improvements in the user interface
* Better integration in the desktop, ie. tray icon handling and more reasonable default settings
* Performance and memory consumption improvements


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Upgrade your owncloud.
It is time to upgrade to the latest #ownCloud and here's how!

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looking forwards to the OwnCloud update.
Tomorrow, #ownCloud 8.2 will be released. Help us spread the word!

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Trustwave 2015 Global Security Report is a shocker. It's a long document but well worth the read with lots of infographics. You don't need to be a techie to get the gist of it.
Stop using Flash, Silverlight, Java, Adobe Reader, Wordpress, Internet Explorer and bump up your password strength.,-Extra--Get-the-2015-Trustwave-Global-Security-Report/

For those of you wondering, I've created a new google account and moving you from the old one to this one.
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