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Lee Edwin Chipps-Walton

Seed request: aji lemon, aji limon, or lemon drop.

Very citrusy flavor & must be baccatum (not chinense). Sase or trade.

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Has anyone seen a Scotch with quite this phenotype?

I think I've lucked into a very stable, consistent, true-to-form, delicious Scotch from a Jamaican neighbor of my parents.
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Help ID, please.

Is it a Scotch mix? It has some of a Scotch flavor, about the right amount of heat, thicked walled, and a slight grassy/bitter flavor in some of the pods. It's super productive and made a delicious powder.
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Scotch Bonnets.
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Looking for:
*Lemon drop
*Piri piri

I have:
white habanero
arroz con pollo
tepin (wild type that's extremely hot)
purple flash
bird’s beak (biquinho)
himo togarashi (few)
anaheim (older)
hot hungarian wax (older)
scotch bonnet - Jamaican
yellow scotch bonnet that is small and round (this is a guess of ID)

Want: Bahamian goat, brain strain (or crosses), scotch bonnets, serrano, fatalis, bubblegum, or other tempting offers that have good flavor+heat.

Have: white habanero, arroz con pollo, habanada, tepin (wild type that's extremely hot), purple flash, bird’s beak (biquinho), himo togarashi (few), anaheim (older), hot hungarian wax (older), extremely delicious scotch bonnet from a native Trinidadian.

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What is this pepper? I got the seeds from someone that says it's a ghost, but when I image search for 'ghost' they look quite dissimilar. This leads me to think it's a cross of some kind. It's about as spicy as a jalapeno, very fruity, thick walled, yellow/orange when mature. The leaves and growth pattern are similar to large-growing Caribbean peppers. It's an excellent and delicious pepper; I'm just not sure what to call it. Thank you for any help you can give!

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