Help please! +Kristi Hines published this list of "The 20 most influential people in social media" (see article below), and she's done a great job of identifying some very interesting people (+Jay Baer and +Pete Cashmore are particular favourites of mine). However, there's a striking ethnocentricity to the list - i.e. it only includes people based in North America (yes, some of these people were born elsewhere, but from their bios, it seems all now live in the US or Canada). So what about the rest of the world? Last I checked, more than 80% of the world's social media users live outside the US, so I'm guessing there are many more important influencers beyond America's shores. Some suggestions from me (with an Asian bias) are +Paul Papadimitriou, +Thomas Crampton, and +Aaron Lee. Who would you put on your list?
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