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Lord, by your Holy Spirit, I ask that you give me the words to release
any feelings of bitterness, hurt, betrayal and unforgiveness once and for all.
In the name of Jesus, peace is mine, now and forever, amen. So, it’s been on my heart to
write to you for a...

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An update on my fibroid elimination journey!

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I've heard and learned to live by the saying "don't allow anyone to make you feel as if you're difficult to love" because, I'm NOT.

Speaking for myself, I know I'm quite loveable. Those who find it difficult to do so have their own issues that have nothing to do with me.

With thay being said, THANK YOU +Amy Lynn Miller for this write-up on who I am. You pretty much hit it dead on regarding who I am/who I've been in this ENFP life! 

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#PressPlay ▶️ What are you willing to do to receive the promises of God? That thing you've been praying about?
Will you allow discouragement to knock you off track?

Watch full video:


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imagines twirling in skirt

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Consider: #WhatsAtStake  for you? What is your #CreativeArtillery  

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When it all boils down...Brothers don't really care. ‪Read and share my most recent article at #VerbalSlick#TellMeSomethingSlick  
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