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Genesis Galilea
I love music, Genesis Galilea,
I love music, Genesis Galilea,
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Losing the person you love most can leave an empty feeling inside you...
I am so sorry for letting you go but my heart could no longer take the emptyness you had already given me...

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I am looking out the great big window of life... Should i chose to emerge or stay inside is entirely up to me. Selene calls to me with her soothing voice. She tells me that i should continue though i am a soliditary practitioner. Still, i have been in and out of this dance that i am confusing myself, and yet. I feel like it is time i acctually embraced the idea of being a follower of selene

I feel liberated in my persuit of happyness

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I like anime and punk rockers

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He is legit

My name is Lea

My name is Genesis Galilea
but you can call me Lea
or genny
or even Genny Lea

My fathers name is not my own
My heart is an empty chasm of death
because of him
I do not hold the last name of that demon
except in school
where i have to

My name is Lea
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