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I have made a decision.  Two G+ profiles is just far to annoying to deal with, so I'm just going to pay attention to one of them.  So, if anyone out there cares about what I have to say (in the rare occurrences I say it) follow me on my G+ page.
What's with the GIANT picture?
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I just got an E-Mail from Verizon saying I've gotten a free speed upgrade.  Yes, I know it's a ploy to try and avoid reclassification under Section II.  But hay, my upload speed is now faster then my download.
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This is what I see every time I've turned on my phone for the past few days.  #WeirdAl #MandatoryFun
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What I've heard of the album is pretty good. And Chris Lee has discovered old Weird Al. He especially likes "Weasle Stomping Day". 
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Watching the NY fireworks "live" on NBC. I never knew the sun was still out in NY at 10pm.
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This is my table, damn it.
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I have a physics question for anyone out there.

A gallon jug is filled to the gallon line with normal tap water and sat on top of a refrigerator.  The next day the jug is crushed in and water is on the floor.  The jug is still on top of the fridge, there are no holes in the jug, and the cap is still tight.  There is water in the jug up to the gallon line, the crushed in portion of the jug accounts for the water on the floor.

The tap water was normal water, so colder then room temperature, but not by much.  The air conditioning is on so the room temperature does not fluctuate more then a few degrees.

This is not a trick question, it has to be possible as it happened to me today.  I just have no idea how it could happen.
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I told my phone to "Play some music" and Rick Ashly started playing.  My phone Rickrolled me.
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I just had a sudden realization that I pay T-Mobile less per month for my cell phone then I do to Verizon for the same thing but tethered to my house.
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Two door to door salesmen from Xfinity just came by.  I explained to them the services Verizon offers they called me a liar and said "We don't want your patronage".  I wasn't even being mean.  They said that Comcast is faster, I pointed out that Verizon offers 300Mbps in other areas and 150Mbps where I live.

I went on to point out that their response is the number one reason why I will never get Comcast.  Customer service is #1 at being the worst.
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Door to door Xfinity Witnesses.  Just leave the flyer in the door, thanks.
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So Google+ has finally removed their real name requirement for G+ accounts.  I'm reading threw the comments and all I can think is "You people put in your real names when they asked for your real names?"
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The second I heard the news I changed it.
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I found improvised acoustic foam, my cat found a new bed.  Don't know how she's going to feel when I hang it up.
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So how long has G+ been showing me everything that people +1 and I hadn't noticed?
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Born in the Highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago..
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