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Pat Lee

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I received my replacement Google Nexus 7 tablet to replace my dead one I returned earlier this week. It had base Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on it. I knew that Android 4.1.2 shipped earlier this week, so I checked for updates. 

It only offered the 4.1.1 update, so I downloaded it, restarted and applied the update and then I had to run a second update to get to 4.1.2, which when required another restart to apply the update.

No combo update for a consumer product released in 2012, this is hard to believe. While Jelly Bean is far better than any other version of Android, it is still behind and missing some of the key consumer user basics.
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Pat Lee

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Some people feel that a member the BitTorrent based piracy group iMAGiNE got a raw deal with a 5 year sentence for his role in the movie piracy group. While five years is likely too much, some form of punishment is definitely deserved in this case. 

This wasn't a casual uploader at home, this was a person who rented servers, registered domains, and took donations and charged for pirated movies. This person looked to flaunt the law and share movies on a large scale.

While I may not like or appreciate current copyright law, until it is reformed there are still laws that protect businesses today that need to be enforced. Maybe it should be a very large fine and 12 months probation, but there needs to be a punishment in this case.
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