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DO NOT PAY THE STOP-SIGN TICKETS!! The MRCA, (Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority,) has no law-enforcement powers. The cameras do not capture the face of the driver, so they are effectively illegal. Google "MRCA stop sign cameras." There are plenty of forums where most people admit to not answering the mail you receive with no points on your driving record, no hit on your FICO, and no problems with future automobile registrations. A low-life collection agency, RSI Enterprises, is responsible for making the collection if you fail to pay MRCA. They will threaten to report you to the big-3 credit agencies, but they won't actually do it. If they try, you can sue as this too is illegal. Since so many people who receive these tickets don't pay, it's not cost effective to go after them. MRCA collects over 2 million a year with these fees by placing stop signs in unusual and unexpected areas where they are not necessary, and are poorly programmed so that they photograph people who did come to a complete stop. Just throw away the notice when you receive it. Trust me. I did this with a Culver City traffic-light camera, and nothing ever came of it. If the Culver City Police Dept. can't get payment for a traffic ticket, the agency in charge of running parks certainly can't. DON'T PAY IT!!! If enough of us continue to do so, the program will start to run at a deficit as the MRCA must continue to pay Redflex Traffic Systems for maintenance. It's the same way the city of Los Angeles finally had to dismantle their system. Please, DON'T PAY!!! You'r money belongs in your hands!!!! Not the crooks at MRCA.
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I love your videos, and I know this will sound trivial. I'm probably the only insanely OCD freak who keeps up with your feed, and I don't want to sound like a dick or anything, but please, please, clip that nose hair in your left nostril. I'm really not trying to be a troll. Just asking for a favor.
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