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Which books have you read recently?Discussion  - 
It is a book that you'll all love as it is filled with erotic material and good for Christmas.
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It is no hidden truth that thre Illuminati cabal owns the mines in South Africa, Africa and almost the rest of the world. In South Africa there are black persons who claim to own the mines but are just a front for their Illuminati bosses. Men like Cecil John Rhodes were all Illuminati and him and his Dark Empire monopolised and abused Africa for its mineral resources.
The patramount truth is that, throughout the years and still today, the Illumunati cartel, using the Afrikanners to suppress black dissent, have used brutal force and the power of the gun to make sure that the black miners toed the line. When mine workers decide to voice their concern through strikes, brutal force is unleashed upon them. This is meant to cower them into submission so as to exchange their labour cheaply for magre wages and salries. Read all about this in my book, A New World Order: The Universe is Illuminati’s Oyster available at  
However, at Marikana a bigger and bleak picture was painted as to who was in control there. the black elites who claim to own the mines were exposed as slave-drivers and baas-boys (boss-boys). The UIluminati reared its ugly head and now it is trying to divert the real attention of the mine-workers appalling working conditions and renumeration. They are bombarding us with useless news of the striking men going to court as if they were criminals. Read all about this in my book, A New World Order: The Universe is Illuminati’s Oyster available at  
We know that the Illuminati owns the media and by showing us the striking miners going to court all attention is shifted from the real reason why these poor men are actually in court today. We are brainwashed into believing that these men committed an ungodly crime. Their court appearance on the television diverts our attention from the real cause of their being in court at the first instance. Their appearance in court is a ploy by the Illuminati to make us think that these men in handcuffs and leg-irons have committed a deplorable sin. Our attention is diverted to the police accompanying them so that our anger should be directed at these policepersons, what a shame. The Illuminati knows how the public feels about the police and they are manipulating the situation very well. Read all about this in my book, A New World Order: The Universe is Illuminati’s Oyster available at  
Were the police brutal? No the police are not in the wrong here but were merely following orders of the Lonmin Illuminati and their African baas-boys who claim to own the mines. These are shameless elites who live off the sweat and miseries of their own black brethren. Be it diamond, gold, tin or platinum, the Jews are 100% owners. It is no wonder that black lives were lost as they are considered to be sub-humans by the Illuminati. The plot was to expose the current ANC lkeadership as incompetent and uncaring.
Of course, we know that some of ANC leaders are just slave drivers who are apying back to their Illuminati masters for putting them into power. The occurebnce in Marikana serves the agenda of the Illuminati very well in their endeavour to uproot the incumbent government and to replace with more yes men and women, who are their blue-eyed boys/girls. Read all about this in my book, A New World Order: The Universe is Illuminati’s Oyster available at  
Some people will claim that the killing of the 34 miners in Marikan serves to intensify the call by Julius Malema for the nationalisation of the mines but the truth is contrary to that. If we do not realise now that the hand of the illuminate is at play here, then we would be blind to the reality if what is going on here. Read all about this in my book, A New World Order: The Universe is Illuminati’s Oyster available at  
The Illuminati were responsible for the ousting of former President Thabo Mbeki whose ideas clashed with those of theirs, including his stance on Zimbabwe and their diamond deposits, as well as Robert Mugabe. Thabo Mbeki was an African visionary among the likes of the late Muammar Gaddaffi. He and others as well wanted to unite Africa for the Africans which was a threat to the Illuminati Dark Empire. Through his NEPAD and other Africanism inspired initiatives, Thabo Mbeki posed a serious threat to the Illuminati’s dream of a New World Order best kown as Novo Ordo Seclorum, a threat that would mean losing their grip on the mineral resources of Africa from a united African front.
The iiluminati were responsible for the ushering in of the new government that would focus on domestic and international matters, thus delaying the pipe dream of a United States of Africa. The Illuminati thought that they would replace him with a government that they could control but they never thought that they will encounter Julius Malema and his nationalisation ideas. But why did Malema go to England, the bastion of the Illuminati to beg for their forgiveness? Doesn’t this say much about who the Illuminati is and is not? Well Malema learned a little late as to who controls the real issues here at home. But will he come back? Did he find a launching pad in Marikana? Are the Illuminati scared by this prospect? Read all about this in my book, A New World Order: The Universe is Illuminati’s Oyster available at  
The Zuma administration was beset with discontent with people who expected to be thanked and pat on the back for b ringing him into power but Umsholozi had his own ideas, and when they realised that this was not going to be so, they turned against him and started to challenge him from all fronts. They forgot that he had his own backers who had invested a lot of money in him and the Illuminati was none of them. The freedom charter was a convenient document to use in order to try and challenge him but he would have none of that.
The nationalisation of mines and other natural resources is entrenched in the Freedom Charter of the ANC, which was a guiding document for the governing of the country after the attainment of freedom from the Apartheid regime but it was abandoned after selling out to the white minority and the Bolshevik Illuminati Jews show run by the late Joe Slovo and among others Albie Sachs. Read all about this in my book, A New World Order: The Universe is Illuminati’s Oyster available at  
When their goal was not attained, the disgruntled ANC members who thought that Zuma was a dictator and had alienated them started berating him for his inefficiency and put his personal life into the spotlight. They forgot that they put him into power knowingly and aware of his penchant for women and love for his own culture. His government, more especially through the steadfastness of Ibrahim Ibrahim was then set on a collision course with the Illuminati. The re-labelling of the goods from Israel sent shock-waves through the Illuminati world. After all, there never existed a country such as Israel, it was only created by the Illuminati in the Talmud to rule the world and steal Oil resources from the Babylonians. There is no God-given right for the establishment of an Israel state. The relabeling of the goods from a racist ‘Zionist’ state meant a breakaway from the initial Illuminati agenda.
Since South Africa stood up against the racist ‘Zionist’ state of Israel, the rest of the continent would follow suit and this did not bode well with the agenda of the true Illuminati. If the Illuminati were to be kicked out in Africa as did the Russians Indians and the Chinese, where would they find more mineral resources like diamond to exploit? So the Marikana strike gave them an opportunity to re-strategise and boom, the massacre of 34 innocent miners, who are fathers and breadwinners. Now the government’s attention is focused on finding a lasting solution to the Marikana incident and stopping potential incidents that may threaten to follow. Meanwhile, this gives the Illuminati enough time to regroup and continue hatching their plon to dominate the South African politics and economy. Read all about this in my book, A New World Order: The Universe is Illuminati’s Oyster available at  
The mine workers of Marikana will, of course, blame the government for what happened, which is a natural thing to do. Who would live on a measly R4000.00? After all is R12500.00 enough to make ends meet? But what if the mines were snatched from the Illuminati’s stranglehold and given to the people? Would that bring Julius Malem back to the ANC fold? Would that have stopped the slaying of the Marikana mine workers and our brothers by the Illuminati Jews? Read all about this in my book, A New World Order: The Universe is Illuminati’s Oyster available at  
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Which books have you read recently?Discussion  - 
I just wanted to inform you about my ebook titled Dark Blood which is freely available for download on amazon kdp.
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