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You know, there are traditional birding shots of black neck stilts.  Usually, they feature their two very lanky and long legs.  This is not that shot.  She's protecting the little ones.  (Worth looking at full-sized for the expression alone)

There are four birds


Come on, mom!
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Yeah.  It's not the sharpest shot I have of them, but the expression is priceless. I have one even a tad less clear where the little one is looking through his own legs; I was going to caption it "Am I a boy bird, or a girl bird?"  He was quite small (stilts are too big to begin with), so there just isn't quite enough detail. +Scott Horwath 
I didn't get any shots of those, +Scott Horwath was hogging the prime real estate for those shots :)
maybe should have hung with me? I shared the space with two nature lovers and another photog who wasn't with the group. +Derek Hannah 
I was shooting that while +Derek Hannah was high tailing it back to the car for his hat and 'life sustaining' water
It's more 'cute' than anything, but the detail is pretty good on the momma, and though the chick isn't quite perfectly in focus, the pose more than makes up for it.  :o)
Awww; they still have little ones! Love this.
Thanks for noticing the post and saying so, +Christina Lawrie ; you're a hard woman to get one's attention without tagging!  Much obliged.
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