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Graeme Sutherland
Web dev. Brighton, UK.
Web dev. Brighton, UK.

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Lovely clear infographic. It just makes sense.

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As a result of the Skiff Hack, we now have Skiff member profiles and presence info available for the skiff at As in, you can see who is currently in the Skiff or who has been around recently, and a bit about them in the process.

Yes, that is another profile to maintain, but this helps. We can find out who is around us at the Skiff on a day to day basis. Lovely work Tom and Simon and whoever else made it.

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O2's response to phone number leaks is opaque at best. Full of wank-phrases:

* 'Security is of the utmost importance to us' (yawn)
* 'trusted partners' (but not disclosed who they are...)
* 'potential for disclosure of customers’ mobile phone numbers to further website owners.' (er, they were exposed, not potentially exposed)
* 'We would like to apologise for the concern we have caused.' (but they don't apologise for getting it wrong).

And they keep saying certain:
* certain circumstances
* certain technical information
* certain trusted partners

Does not inspire confidence. No actual apology. Not feeling very open. Not sure I'd want them as a provider based on this response. Just saying.


Carefully installed new screen/digitizer in Nexus S. Lovely new screen works a treat. Lovely new digitizer doesn't work. Oh poo.

There is little more annoying than an untouchable touchscreen.

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Slash Government Spending and Build a Yacht for the Monarch.

How very tory of you David.

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Raspberry Pi manufacture has started... Yay! Can't wait to order one of these to play with. Worth reading the article for comments on stupid import duties and what that does to UK manufacturing.

Dust. Everywhere. Was Philip Pullman having his house renovated when he was writing His Dark Materials?

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As a family, we're working towards having a weekly break from being constantly connected to phones, the internet, facebook etc.
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