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Dee Solberg
Writer, mom, veteran, space nut, gardener, yarn and material hog...
Writer, mom, veteran, space nut, gardener, yarn and material hog...
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I need a better phrase than STFU when someone pisses me off with micromanaging everything I'm doing. I'm thinking something more along the lines of, "thank you so much for sharing your vast wealth of knowledge and experience, I'm sure you have my best interests at heart." Too much?

So you know how that other place (FB) greets you with "good morning, or good evening?" I always assumed it was based on your IP address for how they knew what time it was, but maybe not. I have a friend who just posted about accidentally changing his system clock and the FB greeting changed. That's just a bit spooky right? I guess I missed that in the fine print of the fine print.

So I mentioned that WWII veterans being told to set aside their bitterness over Pearl Harbor or they aren't patriots, is less than cool, and now I'm a racist. Explain? I honestly have zero idea how this makes me a racist. FWIW, I genuinely want to know (constructively please). I consider it a growing moment and an opportunity for dialogue.

Update: Here's the dialogue where WWII Veterans were told how they should behave and feel:

Command or Control F and the word "bitterness" should get you to the right spot without having to read forever.

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So if you were going to a spa to get a body scrub would you prefer a hand mixed at the spa kind of scrub, or a commercial spa blended scrub?

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Commercial Blend Scrub
Hand Mixed Scrub

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I want this...probably will never get it though.

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I got my new glasses today and the unveiling of my extreme haircut lol. 

Migraines can be bad enough that they cause stroke-like paresthesias...who knew?

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Written by +Taylor Solberg​​, narrated by me. "Poetry is Not MyThing." Mild language and no politics...just goofiness. 

Ugh, nothing is scrolling properly. WHY? The screen keeps locking up too...WHY?

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My new office. A few finishing touches and a room and a half left to go.
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