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Coastal Stewards
Ensuring public access and protection for the California coast.
Ensuring public access and protection for the California coast.

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Stewards Environmental Education Calendar
Greetings! Keeping track of the environmental education events which Stewards is conducting is not easy.  As a participant in some of them, and as someone who tries to participate as much as possible, I need a calendar of them I can integrate into the rest ...

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Latest Decisions Update on Sonoma Coastal Parking Fees

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Save Our Coast, June 12th

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Saturday, June 4th, Willow Creek Jamboree
Greetings! On Saturday, June 5th, a commemorative shovel was passed between LandPaths and Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods in a Jamboree Ceremony marking ten years of management by Landpaths of the Willow Creek Addition to Sonoma Coast State Park. The Fre...

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What Stewards will say at the Coastal Commission on Wednesday, April 13th
Coastal Commission Comments ·       My name is Michele Luna and I am the Executive
Director of Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods, a State Park Cooperating
Association that supports 3 state parks including Sonoma Coast State Park. We
have a membership of ov...

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Free Our Beaches by Efren Carillo
Free our beaches.  This has been a
slogan in Sonoma County for well over 25 years.  State Parks launched an
effort to charge for parking at our iconic beaches in the late 1980s, resulting
in litigation and public protests throughout the early 90s.  Subseque...

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Latest Sonoma Coast State Parks Parking Fee Proposal (March 17th)
Greetings! The Coastal Commission Staff just sent to the Sonoma Stakeholders Group the latest proposal from the California Department of Parks and Recreation to install automated pay machines along the coast of Sonoma County.  The Proposal is to heard and d...

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Another test of our beliefs.

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How Committed to Coastal Access Are We?
As one who has worked hard to support State Parks (including
serving on the Board of directors of Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods and
co-chairing the County effort many years ago to raise park operating funds
through an increase in vehicle registration f...

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