DAL Grinding buddies!
Just making everyone aware of my alts. They are configured for Dragon raids and low cooldown, but I´m sure they work like a charm everywhere in the game =)

+Dalimage Mage lvl 20 Storm/inferno mage
+Leif Dalmage lvl 16 Storm/inferno mage
+Dalwar warrior lvl 21 2H/Throwing warrior
+Stormy Berge lvl 15 Storm/inferno mage
+Torsten Dalmage lvl 14 Storm/inferno mage

All come with full mana etc...
Let me know if you want to be guilded back and i will see what i can do.
Pics below are as seen from lvl 50 with lvl bonus, so specs may differ ;)

Also energy giveaway!
i will give 300 en each to the first ten people asking for it in comments below (please specify lvl and class for easy finding)
7/10 left
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