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DAL Grinding buddies!
Just making everyone aware of my alts. They are configured for Dragon raids and low cooldown, but I´m sure they work like a charm everywhere in the game =)

+Dalimage Mage lvl 20 Storm/inferno mage
+Leif Dalmage lvl 16 Storm/inferno mage
+Dalwar warrior lvl 21 2H/Throwing warrior
+Stormy Berge lvl 15 Storm/inferno mage
+Torsten Dalmage lvl 14 Storm/inferno mage

All come with full mana etc...
Let me know if you want to be guilded back and i will see what i can do.
Pics below are as seen from lvl 50 with lvl bonus, so specs may differ ;)

Also energy giveaway!
i will give 300 en each to the first ten people asking for it in comments below (please specify lvl and class for easy finding)
7/10 left
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yes, i think so, but if one of them does not, just let me know
I have just added your characters to my dragon age circle. I have a newish level 18 mage. Would you be able to guild me back with one or more of your characters once they come up? It will certainly make playing the game a lot quicker.
Skill: Walking Bomb, Weaken,Death Siphon Both Damage Skill Maxed Level 27
just lvl 27/mage would be enough =)
sent from dalwar
No, don't worry about the energy
I'll go through and guild your alts tonight, just got through some grinding and have to head to work pretty soon. If you want to guild me back that would be great but I'm sure the cooldown time will already be a lot lower than a lot of my current guildmates.
+Toby Armstrong en sent, and i´ll check about guilding later then. Not sure they will fit you though as you only do dragon raids, and at lvl 35 they won´t have enough AGL to start first. That will happen first at about lvl 48, so they might die on you... at your level they probably have AGL 50 which is fine for lvl 30 raids.
I'll certainly keep your alts in mind once I start raiding :)
Your alts are so powerful it makes my main char useless in comparison.
+Alan Lai you got to lvl 40 without raiding?
+Artelind Klein yes, they have fully (well almost) upgraded special buildings which is impossible at that level as it costs a couple 100k´s ;)
Any of you want some en? i really need to get rid of some =)

+Daniel Berge Just got done with 15 dragon camps, used one of your alts for each one. Worked just fine, I might switch them out for higher level players for platinum raids but for grinding they are fine, and the quick cooldown time is a huge plus.
+Daniel Berge Well I did a little bit of it, I think 11 Level 10 raids in total when Kuanhao was organizing them, based on the number of raid gear I have in my inventory. Other than that, it was all on the maps. Not starting Level 40 raids yet till I train up 2 more alts.
If you have lots of EN to get rid of, would be grateful to get some. Those alts are eating into the pile I set aside for attempting level 40 raids.
Thanks for the EN Daniel!
Just defeated the Dragon Raid Boss with Torsten and Dalwar. Wasn't sure if it would work but glad it did, got a helmet :D
wow, nice toby, high dragon is the only one i use high level players on, never tried that with these alts =)
Hi just wanted to say I will remember when i level up who keep slamming me down. Tom
well, it was not me, as i have not attacked anyone in weeks....
but feel free to hold a grudge for whatever reason, i´m assuming we talk about KA now, not DAL
Then this guy is stealing your account when i look up the name on Google plus it comes back to you Torsten Dalmage. He wiped me out three times in 24 hours it takes me 4 hours just to rebuild my army. That name with an icon that says OOPS. I will hold a grudge on people who are ahead and just keep coming in to not finish a quest, but keep hitting an opponent till the game stops them.
ah, right, yes, that is my other account.... well i see you have retaliated alot, thus i had to put you into your senses. nothing personal, but i guess that just as you do, i also retaliate everyone that has attacked me.... this can go on forever =)
i will try not to hit you again, and i advise you dont hit me, since you probably will just lose your troops while doing so. but feel free to try
no problem I can keep retaliating as i go up in levels and then return the favor. I can play 19 /7 as i am semi retired and hate an online game bully. I just started a week ago. I wonder if you act like a bully off the pc. I would not mind asking that to your face.
so you are seriously claiming that i am a bully because i retaliate your counterattacks?
oh, you will be in for a ride when you get up in strenght =) there are plenty of real bullys in this game. its not unusual to get attacked 40+ times/day by the same person for weeks.... trust me, this game might not be for you
Like I said your just a ITG internet tough guy. I would love to see you in person act so tough. I have nothing but time and money to put in the game I see that 100 bucks would easily put me above you so i could just make sure you never level again.
I do not mind when I am attacked so someone can finish a quest. To just keep doing it over and over makes you a man who is compensating for other short comings picking on a newer player. I feel bad for you . I never needed a game to validate my self as a man.
ok, so you are just seriously a disturbed person. be an idiot, put you money in the game, then realize that it infact impeedes your strenght. or just listen to what i say: i attacked you at some occation, then you attacked me back alot, so i attacked you again. Then i explain how things are in a polite manner, and say i wont attack you again. now you claim im a cyberbully, and that i try to compensate for things? what is wrong with you? seriously?
of course i hade a goal when fighting you, i need money, special units, food and mission objectives filled. had you not retaliated again and again and again i would not have bothered with you anymore. i try not to hit ppl twice unless they ask for it (like you did). i obviously have a stronger army than you and thus killed alot of your units. this is how the game works, live with it. but i reccomend you just play farmville instead.
oh, and if this is considered being tough, then yeah, I guess im a "tough" guy in real life too.
No worries ITG maybe instead of putting money in Kingdom Age I will put it in Dragon Age i hear there that people are not I.T.G's and do not need to beat up new players in a game compensate for personal and physical short comings. I hope you seek help for your condition. I am done wit you now as i have a life besides online RPG's you know like a sex life and interacting with humans in person.

I would not brag to loud about having the toughest online army in a game where you either pay to level or just spend lots of time . Which was your course nothing better in your life to do then be a ITG ?
I am laughing my head off over here. Tom you just don't stop do you? First you get all worked up over a game, and then your next step is to start insulting peoples' character and judging their sex life? I feel like I'm watching a 30 minute British comedy, this humor is so choppy and weak.

LOL so I assume you have nothing better in your life than to be an IIBCBIM? (Internet Irrationally Behaved Cry Baby/Insult Monger)
IIBCBIM? good one =) right on the spot...
its also ironic how he both says " I have nothing but time and money to put in the game " and " i have a life besides online RPG's you know like a sex life and interacting with humans in person." =)
but to his defense i must admit the game (Kingdom Age) is very frustrating and alot of ppl just cant take it. Also there is no limits on which level of player you meet, only army strenght, which confuses alot of players making them feel bullied when they see ppl attacking them with much higher level... but there is no way to se the level of other players untill after you fight them....sooo...its not for everyone....
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