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Facing a huge data problem? Try Data Jujitsu

Data Jujitsu combines clean data, strong user experience, and clever
and iterative testing to solve data problems that once seemed
intractable. +DJ Patil explores the components and applications of Data Jujitsu in this report.

Download the free report (PDF, EPUB, Mobi):

Read it online:


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That to everyone that attended!
An Evening with Bletchley Park

On Monday night the Silicon Valley community gathered at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View for An Evening with Bletchley Park, hosted by Google with special guest Sir John Scarlett, Chairman of Bletchley Park Trust.

A wonderful evening was had by all, as everyone learned about Bletchley and it's unique place in the history of computing. The evening closed with a tour of Computer History Museum's excellent Revolution exhibit, and an invitation for the guests to visit Bletchley as part of November's Silicon Valley Comes to the UK later this year.

During the Second World War, Bletchley Park was the site of the United Kingdom's main decryption establishment which contributed greatly to defeating the  U-boats in the battle of the atlantic, and it currently houses the National Codes Centre and the National Museum of Computing
Bletchley Park at Computer History Museum (38 photos)
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DataEDGE at UC Berkeley iSchool

This should be an interesting and important meeting (May 31-June 1, Berkeley, CA). Perhaps the most urgent thing about the revolution we're in the midst of is that we need many more people trained in how to handle data.

Speakers include +Quentin Hardy, +DJ Patil, +danah boyd and +Hal Varian.

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Generation Flux

The pace of change in our economy and our culture is accelerating--fueled by global adoption of social, mobile, and other new technologies--and our visibility about the future is declining.

Featuring +DJ Patil"The important insight," he notes, "is identifying when things are chaotic and when they're not."

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This data science thing's going mainstream

Nice little Fortune bit featuring +DJ Patil. Come see him talk on "data jiu jitsu" at Strata this Feb.

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To get a licence to drive one of London's black cabs, drivers have to go through an intense intellectual ordeal, called The Knowledge. They have to memorise the 25,000 streets within six miles of Charing Cross, the locations of 20,000 landmarks, and 320 routes that connect everything up.

Here's what happens to their brains when they gain The Knowledge.

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Fun piece with +Dylan Field on NPR this morning
If you have a few minutes this morning, tune in to NPR's Morning Edition! +DJ Patil and I are quoted in a story about big data.
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