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There's been a big update for the RainMaster game - be sure to check it out at the market!
This update includes:
- significantly smaller size of the app
- performance improvements
- slight visual changes

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A brand new app by Fruity Bytes is out!
One Beer Please lets you order a beer in any pub abroad - just set what you want and you get the translation into one of many languages - also when offline.
Check it out at Android Market!

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FruityBytes' first game, the great RainMaster, just got a fresh update!

Improvements included:
- Quit confirmation
- Improved animations
- Minor graphics changes
- Lots of bugfixes
- In arcade mode, lives left presented as drops icons instead of text

Check it out at Android Market, update or download and enjoy!

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Fruity Bytes' brand new game is out!
Rain Master is an arcade game where you need to struggle for the weather by fighting the drops falling from the sky.
It features Scoreloop Social Network and offers two game modes.
This release is a BETA-preview; we are waiting for comments and tips on further development. Play and rate!
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