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Peter's prestigious π-day pie with plum purree. 

Funny quote from a Microsoft employee in 2004: "We’ve pretty much won the feature battles and now our main competition is older versions of our own software (you know, that’s just plain odd)."
Corporate users just never update their Office software, why should they?

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With ever more and more of our professional knowledge coming from StackOverflow and other Google results, the ability to distinguish between the relevant answers and the rest becomes more and more important. Not getting distracted by interesting or seemingly useful sidelines is key to speedy results. Or in tough cases key to getting any result at all!

The more I know, the less I can fathom what I don't know.

Setz dich ruhig auf meine Füße,
Nimm ruhig einmal bei mir Platz.
Hier auf unsrem weichen Sofa
Hier bist du mein liebster Schatz.

"If you don't have any shadows, you're not standing in the light."

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Proudly introducing more modularity and asychronity in our household work! Now the person triaging the laundry can do it independently of the person filling the washing machine!
Yay for low-tech solutions!

Robert ist ein schlechter Dichter,
Doch wenn es Streit gibt, guter Schlichter! 

Building costs for basements are higher than for any other floor. Since nowadays basements are just used to store stuff, many economical new constructions omit the basements and include storage room either in apartments or on separate spaces on upper levels.
But knowing that ground floor apartments are the least desired, why not just use the ground floor for storage? It has more advantages:
- bicycle parking on ground floor can be reached without climbing stairs.
- ground floor can be level with exterior ground (unlike raised ground floor on top of a basement to put windows slightly above street level). That makes it easier to build an elevator with entirely step-free access.
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