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Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Is anyone doing anything on personalized learning and/or learning analytics? I'm hoping to do a pilot in ScHARR for online learners giving them some personalized feedback by analyzing their forum postings. I know that Tom Stafford (Psychology) is doing some automated emails to students on their level of engagement. We wondered if anyone else was thinking/working on this kind of thing at Sheffield?

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Online learning communities: the power of the group
I gave a presentation at the University of Sheffield's Learning and Teaching conference today, and was asked to share it via twitter. I can't upload it to slideshare, as it contains some artwork (see below) which is credited, but which might infringe anothe...

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Online space- from going to being
In response to this blog post from Aaron Balick about work that he and others are doing in online depth psychotherapy, here are some thoughts about how the psychology of online space is changing. I will be showing my age when I describe the first time I gai...

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Psychotherapy 2.0 the title of a newly published book by Karnac about the place "where psychotherapy and technology meet". I have a chapter included here with my erstwhile colleague Prof Digby Tantam, and a section written by Anne Stokes, which examines "training fit f...

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Three minute thesis
By way of introducing my research interest, and the topic of my PhD, I recently recorded a video, with the help of a ScHARR colleague Luke Miller , for the University of Sheffield's Three Minute Thesis competition  for 2013-14. The idea is that PhD students...

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This is my initial entry into the University of Sheffield's "3 minute thesis" competition. This actually breaks some of the rules for the competition, and my live presentation will be recorded in May at the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health 3mt final.

Hi all,
I have been asked to do some work on STUDENT PORTFOLIOS here in ScHARR, and wondered if you could tell me what you use in your departments? I am aware of Dentistry's bespoke portfolio tool, which is really good, but it's probably more than we need here in ScHARR. I've also chatted to Ian Palmer about PebblePad, and although that seems to get a bad press from some PGRs (not sure why), it's an option that we will consider. I think (although we haven't yet asked the students what they would like) that in ScHARR, we're after something which captures all the different skills that PG students gain while they are studying with us, and presents these in a way which enhances their employability. And it does so in a way which is not a burden to anyone (presumably it will be the students who compile their own portfolios) and via a nice interface. So, not much to ask- is anyone doing anything along these lines? And if so, what tools do you use?

Can anyone confirm when the TELUS (Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of Sheffield) course, which I believe has been piloted in Nursing, will be rolled out? 

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Hi, I wonder if anyone at UoS has used technology for assessment of distance learners in the way described in this BBC article?
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